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Chris Wolf 

I think that the Dodgers would (and should) trade Yasiel Puig for the right return. Hard to say exactly what the right return would be but it is likely a safe bet to say that a top of the rotation starting pitcher would need to be involved. With rumors swirling that Julio Teheran and Sonny Gray are available, they seem like the most likely candidates for the Dodgers to pursue. However, both players are under team control for quite some time and are very affordable. Due to that, and the fact that Puig still hasn’t lived up to all the hype, it would take more than just Puig to pry either pitcher away from their respective teams. More likely is that Puig would be the centerpiece of a package of young prospects like De Leon or Montas.  

The other intriguing option for the Dodgers if they decide to trade Puig would be Jonathan Lucroy or Ryan Braun. Although the latter is unlikely (and unnecessary given that they have like 5 outfielders already), Lucroy is a very real possibility. Neither Yasmani Grandal or AJ Ellis has emerged as a clear starter and having a player with some consistency behind the plate would drastically improve the struggling Dodgers lineup. The only downside to Lucroy is that he is a free agent after the 2017 season and the Dodgers may not be willing to part with a relatively team friendly contract like Puig’s for a short term answer.

Jeremy Evans 

As long as Los Angeles Dodgers Controlling Owner Mark Walter believes in Yasiel Puig, he will stay put.  The decision lies in the Owner’s hands with this one.


Christiaan Sorenson 

I think we are seeing the right trend in Yasiel; his behavior off the field has improved, he’s shown more discipline at the plate and he’s coming through in clutch situations.  Too soon to give up on him, even with the somewhat packed outfield.  I’d rather move Van Slyke <although I’ll miss that glorious beard of his> or Kiké…<although I’ll miss his bana…wait, strike that lol>. I just struggle to think we’ll get fair compensation for a 5 tool player; I’ll eat that crow if he doesn’t continue his recent upswing, but I have faith that he’s in the right environment and the right mindset since he was called up a few summers ago

Brian Robitaille 

Would they? Sure. Will they? I have no clue. Puig has been mentioned time and time again in any possible trade rumors. His value surely isn’t what it was a few years back, and his inconsistency at the plate continues to be a concern. But you’d figure he’d still drawn some interest being that he’s young, plays great defense, and is on a relatively cheap contract. Then again, maybe that’s more of a reason for the Dodgers not to move him, unless the deal was right.

The return could range everywhere from a MLB superstar to minor league prospects. It all depends on who else is included in the trade. Puig wouldn’t bring a starter like Sonny Gray or Chris Archer back by himself, but if he were included in a bigger package with some other players/prospects, it could happen.

Personally, I wouldn’t be against moving him, but it would have to bring back something big. You don’t want to fill one hole, just to create another. That outfield “depth” that the Dodgers had doesn’t really seem to be there now. Crawford is finally gone, Ethier is still hurt, and Van Slyke & Hernandez aren’t exactly players I’d want to replace Puig on an everyday basis. The closest outfield prospect is Alex Verdugo, who is still a few years away from the ML level

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Chris Wolf 

Can you name a better option at this point? Yes, he has given up a lot of home runs this year, but his overall numbers suggest that he hasn’t been as bad as you think. In fact, Baez currently leads the Dodgers in holds with 12 which is 3 more than the next best pitcher, Joe Blanton.

Christiaan Sorenson 

Attrition, IMO…we just don’t have any other guys at this point

Brian Robitaille 

Well, first off, being able to throw 100 mph probably helps keep him around. He’s also not the only one to struggle this year in the Dodgers bullpen. But yeah, I agree that Baez hasn’t shown enough consistency so far. He throws really hard, but he also throws really straight, which isn’t a good thing at the major league level. The lack of movement on his pitches continues to be his downfall.

He could be on thin ice when other options become available for the Dodgers. Carlos Frias is waiting in AAA, and if Yimi Garcia ever gets healthy, he could be an option as well. Not to mention possible trading deadline additions. But again, with the stuff he has (or at least the potential stuff) I’m sure the Dodgers don’t want to give up on him just yet.

Jeremy Evans 

Trade, acquisition, Jose De Leon, Frankie Montas, or another minor leaguer.

Brian Robitaille 

First things first. You have to come off the DL before you go back on it. I think these players are in different boats. Ryu continues his recovery, and is making progress with his minor league starts. If everything goes good, he could possibly return as soon as mid-July or so, around the All-Star break (fingers crossed.)

Anderson on the other hand is nowhere near a return. He may not return at all this season, and if he does, I’m not sure there would be room for him. Brandon McCarthy and Alex Wood should be back well before him, and will probably factor into the Dodgers rotation.

As far as the 2nd part of your question, you’re assuming they indeed have a plan? Injuries are hard to plan for, and I’m sure they’re hoping no further major ones occur. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dodgers add another starter via trade, and/or bring up another prospect later in the year (DeLeon, Cotton, ect.)

Brian Robitaille 

I think moves will be made, but, it’s really tough to predict what kinds of moves at this point. I’ve heard different arguments that the Dodgers should focus on offense, starting pitching, and the bullpen. And all are legitimate claims. I could see the Dodgers adding to any of those needs, but not sure it would be feasible to address all of them via trade.

The big names out there continue to be Jonathan Lucroy, Sonny Gray, Juilo Teheran, Andrew Miller, among others. If the Dodgers want to make a splash for a big name though, they will likely have to part with one or more of their top prospects (Jose DeLeon, Frankie, Montas, Cody Bellinger, ect.) But big fish may not be in the cards for the Dodgers. Remember, last year they were rumored to be in on guys like Cole Hamels and David Price. In the end though, they settled for Alex Wood and Matt Latos. So, I guess we shall see.

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