Mannywøød : To Sign With L.A.

Obviously it hasn’t happened yet. However we have an inside source that stated Manny would be a Dodger. Now that I have your attention I’ll explain. My brother hasn’t renewed his season tickets yet for 2009. Dodgers sent out an email/letter, my brother replied displaying frustration. My brother stated he wasn’t pleased with the offseason moves thus far, and that the beer was too exspensive. He went on to explain it’s one thing to lose and have low scoring games, however we have to be drunk to handle that. So atleast if the beers were cheaper it would be acceptable watching us lose 1-0 in a 15 inning game. The representive went on to say, we’ll Manny will be a Dodger, so don’t worry about that.

Am I saying I believe him? Hell no!! It’s his job to lie to us fans, as we’ve been lied to since McCourt and The Revolution came to town. Building a team to win the division is one thing, but we as fans don’t spend thousands of dollars each year to simply make the playoffs, we want to do more than pretend to contend. Point being, you don’t goto Prom and spend all that money to get a good night kiss. The end goal is to tan that hide. Our hide is still tanned from Philly…

I leave you with my thoughts on this entire Manny, Ned, and Boras dance:

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