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Many Dodgers Have Decided Milk Is A Bad Choice

Perhaps you heard via The Athletic that Corey Seager and numerous other Los Angeles Dodgers have gone dairy free.

It’s true! Seager reportedly trimmed 25 pounds from his frame, according to Alanna Rizzo. Now, before you say Seager is too skinny (my first reaction) or that he didn’t have that much to lose; the article tells us that Seager almost grew to 250 pounds.

Moreover, the Dodgers adopted this lifestyle change thanks to none other than fatherly-figure in the clubhouse; Chase Utley.

Many Dodgers have made the decision to cut milk from their diet to gain an edge.

Utley adopted the regimen to slow the aging process, and he liked the way that it reduced his pain and inflammation.

“I don’t eat dairy,” Utley told his teammates. “You guys shouldn’t eat dairy.”

His presence alone, as he approached 40, was a testament to the diet. And he let it be known, sometimes wearing a shirt that read “ANTI DAIRY SOCIAL CLUB.” Seager heard all the hype, about the decreased inflammation, the pain-free joints.

So who are the Dodgers who have joined the milk-free zone? Seager, Max Muncy, Kiké Hernandez, Ross Stripling, David Freese, and Kenley Jansen are all mentioned.

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Muncy only needed to hear that it reduces inflammation and decided to give the diet change a shot. A trimmer Muncy speaks on the change:

“That right there is a selling point for me,” Muncy said. “You’re talking about playing 162 games in 180 days. You’re talking about wearing cleats for all of those, which hurts your feet. Everything hurts. Anything you can do to gain an edge and make your body feel better on a daily basis, why wouldn’t you try it?”

Muncy said that he and his wife has spent considerable time seeking out restaurants in Arizona that meet their new needs.

Thoughts On the Dairy-Free Dodgers

It’s kind of cool to see the team adopting an approach passed down from a future Hall of Famer like Utley. Equally important – things like this go beyond providing a small edge. They help build team chemistry. Surely, all teams have their nutrition basics they stick to. Look through a pack of 1987 Topps baseball cards and compare the athletes of yesteryear to the specimen of today’s game. That’s all you need to see to know that guys are adopting wholesale changing and training differently.

While it’s not realistic to think that every player on the roster adopts this approach – it’s great to know that they take their job this seriously. In the case of Corey Seager, it’s realistic to expect that this could take his defensive metrics and range factor to a whole new level in 2019, even sacrificing some power numbers.

Furthermore, maybe I’ll cut dairy myself. I have about 10 or 15 pounds to go to get to my goal. The old adage is you can’t outwork a bad diet. Perhaps milk is a poor choice!

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  1. That’s why they made 1% milk and Skim milk/non fat. If whole milk gets you that fat there must be a metabolism issue or an over consumption of milk product. Especially if your an athlete and in training, somethings wrong.

  2. Wasn’t Utley 0 for the playoffs the last few years? A milk shake would have done him some good. It’s not like it would have slowed him down anymore. He was already washed up!

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