Mark Fabrick’s Experience as a MLB Fan Cave Finalist

When asked to describe MLB Fan Cave to people I tell them it’s kind of like Survivor meets The Real World in the fan cave in New York.

The cave dwellers blog and film videos about the experience, cover every MLB game, and get to interact with players and celebrities.

The current video up on the MLB FanCave website has the Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen doing Tom Cruise impressions.

For anyone that knows me, being a part of this wonderful combination of baseball and pop culture entertainment would be a dream come true.

Inspired, I created a Step Brothers parody video with my buddy from class who is a Giants fan.  After scoping out some of the competition, I knew I had a solid video.

On Jan. 31, I was announced as a top-52 finalist!

The campaign was on.

I’ve been tweeting up a storm, posting relentlessly on Facebook, dusted off my Instagram, and attempting to dominate social media in an effort to make the top-30.

Those who move on to the next round will go to Spring Training in Arizona for four days to try and make the final cut to make it to New York.

I believe I’ve got what it takes to be one of those people.

The Campaign:  I’ve mostly been tweeting multiple times a day with the link to the MLB FanCave site, where fans can vote.

I’ve been on the lookout for photos to share. One was a cool photo of Clayton Kershaw and A.J. Ellis looking like action stars strolling out from in front of a huge explosion.

I also challenged Matt Kemp to a game of H.O.R.S.E. if he visits the FanCave (via social media, of course).

I’ve picked up a ton of new followers along the way, including the official Dodgers twitter, which is actively promoting us, and Jeff G, the Sports Dude from Power 106.

I’ve hash-tagged Dodgers Nation in most of my posts, as well to generate some Dodgers buzz around my campaign.  Above all else, it’s been really nice to see all the support I’ve gotten over social media and it’s nice to know I have some fans out there.

The Other Finalists:  I’ve also gotten the chance to meet and interact with some of the other 51 finalists.  This is a solid group of people who are passionate and enthusiastic about their teams, and all seem like real fun individuals.

I’m convinced that if I made it to New York with this group, this would definitely be the best FanCave ever.

The FanCave is such a unique experience because it’s all about having fun and being yourself, so to get the opportunity to do that with other great people who are striving to do the same, I’d relish that.

We’ve been engaging in tons of baseball and pop-culture related banter, such as which musical act we’d like to see perform at the Cave or which player we’d most like to play catch with.

There are also two other Dodger fans in the top-52, and the Dodgers have yet to be represented in the Cave.

Perhaps, there will be multiple Dodgers representatives this season.

Voting for the Top 30 ends on Feb. 13. Hopefully I will be among those selected to go to Spring Training and ultimately represent the Dodgers in New York at the MLB FanCave.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the campaign so far by voting and spreading the word on social media.  You can vote as many times as you’d like, so take a moment out of your day to #PickFabrick and vote for all of your favorites for the 2013 MLB FanCave.

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