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Marlins Agree On Framework With Giants And Cardinals For Giancarlo Stanton

They don’t call it the “hot stove” for nothing. Despite earlier reports of a potential Stanton trade being delayed by his interest in the Dodgers, it appears a trade may be imminent.

Craig Mish of SiriusXM tweeted that a trade is expected to happen in the coming days.

If this is true, then it is extremely likely he will be heading to either San Francisco or St. Louis. Stanton’s representatives met with both organizations last week, though the result of those meetings is unclear. Jon Morosi reported Sunday that the Marlins have agreed to the general framework of a deal with both teams.

However, Morosi also added that Stanton could still wait for the Dodgers if that’s his ultimate intention.

Giancarlo has full control of his fate, and will not accept a trade to a team that he doesn’t deem an ideal situation for him. Stanton wants to win, but he also wants to be in a favorable location. It’s hard to imagine anything being more ideal for Giancarlo than going home to Los Angeles. This doesn’t come without risks though, as Stanton could be stuck in Miami for another season of their rebuild if a deal can’t be agreed upon.

As reported earlier, if a trade doesn’t happen in the coming days it’s likely due to the Dodgers’ pursuit of the slugger. If Stanton feels there is any chance of landing in Los Angeles, he’s likely to hold out until that option is gone.

Stanton favoring the Dodgers does have to do with location, but they are also  in the best position to win. The Dodgers are set up to not only contend immediately, but to contend for years to come with a young core of players with plenty of team control remaining. The Dodgers also have a deep farm system, which could help in a trade and also help keep the team whole as other players age.

Stanton’s contract continues to be the Dodgers’ biggest roadblock, as they continue to try to get under and stay under the luxury tax threshold. The Giants and the Cardinals both appear to be willing to take on a large chunk of the massive contract which is a huge part of why they’re the two front runners. It’s hard to see the Dodgers willing to take on a large portion without moving a big contract, such as McCarthy or Kazmir, as part of the deal to help offset the cost.

With more coming out about the situation every day, we may have a definitive answer as to where Stanton will end up very soon.

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