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Marlins Warn Giancarlo Stanton What Happens If He Doesn’t Accept A Trade

The talk of the offseason has been about the Marlins trying to unload reigning MVP Giancarlo Stanton. More importantly, they want to unload his massive $325 million contract. Stanton will ultimately get the final say of where he goes because of his full no-trade clause. That makes it a complicated situation for both sides. To this point, the Marlins have struggled to find a suitor willing to meet their demands as well as Giancarlo’s.

The Marlins seem to be getting impatient with the slugger’s reluctance to approve a trade. Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald reported that if Stanton refuses to approve a trade, the Marlins plan to move other stars to reduce their payroll. Stanton would be the lone star on a team heading into the abyss that is a full rebuild. That is worst case scenario for the 28-year old superstar.

Giancarlo Stanton has achieved so much in his career. He’s a 4-time All Star, he’s a 2-time silver slugger and Hank Aaron Award recipient, he’s the owner of the richest contract in the history of sports, and he’s the reigning National League MVP. There is one thing that Giancarlo has never done as a Major Leaguer, and that is win. Since he made his debut in 2010, the Marlins have missed the playoffs every season. He may seem like he has everything, but it’s all a lot less significant if he never gets a chance to win it all.

While acquiring a talent like Stanton could turn an average team into an immediate contender, his career in Miami has proven that one superstar can’t carry a team. The last thing that Stanton wants is to be traded to another team stuck in a seemingly endless rebuild. The two teams that seem the most interested in Stanton to this point are in that exact situation, the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals finished the season 9 games out of first place in the NL Central and the Giants finished a massive 40 games out of first in the NL West. While both teams could rebound, they’re not exactly the immediate contenders Stanton is hoping for.

Jon Morosi reported that Stanton gave the Marlins a list of teams that he would approve, with his hometown Dodgers viewed as his preferred destination.

While the Dodgers may be Stanton’s ideal situation, they don’t appear to have made significant progress in their talks to acquire him. Adding Stanton would be huge for the Dodgers, but the financial hit would be equally as big for a team trying to get under the luxury tax threshold.

Unless the Marlins allow the Dodgers to include a big contract of their own in the deal to counterbalance, a trade between the two remains unlikely. Stanton may end up faced with a tough decision: Stay in Miami through a grueling rebuild, or end up dealt to a team that he deems less than ideal.

Where do you think Stanton will be playing next season? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. In the end…. he will be wearing Dodger Blue! Marlins will be backed in a corner and Dodgers will get him at discount!!

    1. I hope you are right Terry.. But knowing Friedman.. He’d probably trade Kershaw for him.. All The Dodgers need is a decent #5 hitter (better an outfielder) .. stay healthy.. and they could win it all.

  2. The Dodgers may be Stanton’s preferred destination, but to describe the Cardinals (or the Giants) as being “stuck in a seemingly endless rebuild” is completely wrong. St. Louis missed the playoffs in 2016 by 1 game (to the Giants), but prior to that, they made the playoffs 6 of the preceding 7 years.

  3. Teams that spend that kind of $ on position players will find it hard to have balance on their rosters! Just ask the Angels with Pujols or the Yanks with A-Rod. Big 3-4 year deals with pitchers, maybe! But 10+ years for one batter out of 9? Look at Indians, Astros, etc. A lot of very good players, no need to break the bank. Hard for an organization to overcome, paying out that kind of money for that many years!!!

  4. If the Miami folks cough up $150 mil, and accept 2 prospects, maybe the Dodgers smile LOL!!

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