Matt Kemp Booed At Clippers Game, Doc Rivers Calls It ‘Cold’

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After 11 seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, Matt Kemp will turn a new leaf as he was officially traded to the San Diego Padres on Thursday. During his introductory press conference in San Diego, Kemp spoke fondly of his new home and made mention of the different vibe than being in Hollywood.

Well, one day after appearing in San Diego, Kemp was back in Los Angeles and in attendance at the Los Angeles Clippers game with the Milwaukee Bucks. According to ESPN’s Arash Markazi, Kemp wasn’t greeted warmly when shown on the Jumbotron:

The unfriendly greeting can perhaps be tied to Dodgers’ fans consistently booing Chris Paul whenever he’s attended a game at Chavez Ravine or fans simply now viewing Kemp as an enemy. Following the Clippers’ win, head coach Doc Rivers shared his feelings on how Kemp was treated prior to the start of his post-game press conference:

Generally speaking, Kemp certainly endeared himself to Dodgers fans during his time with the organization but the frequency in which he was injured over the last couple of seasons and his subpar play in the first half of 2014 left some frustrated.

As expected, the Dodgers’ trading Kemp to the Padres has been a polarizing decision and one that president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman is aware he’ll be heavily criticized for if it doesn’t work out in the Dodgers’ favor.

If how Kemp was treated at the Clippers game is any indication of what’s to come, he’ll be in for a long three-game series when the Padres open the 2015 season at Dodger Stadium on April 6.


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  1. You don’t suppose the crowd was booing because of the fact that the Dodgers traded him?

  2. I agree with BleedBlue23, of course. The Clipper fans were not booing Matt Kemp, they were booing the trade of Matt Kemp, and perhaps showing their displeasure at the Dodgers upper management.
    (Can’t help but wonder if a Laker crowd would have applauded Matt for his service to the LA Dodgers. Think there is no difference between Clipper fans and Lakers fans? Think again. LOL)
    It will take me some time to get used to Matt Kemp in a Padres uni 🙁

    1. Kemp was on the radio Friday morning. With hundreds of Dodger fans. He was clearly making the best of the situation. Very hard to adjust to his new uni. I am expecting him to tear it up down there,especially when they play us

  3. Wow. Kemp is so actively involved in numerous charities and non-profit organizations. He has represented the Dodgers in the most positive way. He is truly a class act. A worthy role model to many kids, including my own. Continue your selfless devotion to the communities.

  4. I think it was because they posted San Diego Padres OF below his name. They should have just put Matt Kemp!

  5. ill be there in april and I will give kemp a standing ovation for what he did while in a dodgers uniform,i encourage other dodger fans to do the same.hes a class act and always treated people with respect. go kemp . GO DODGER BLUE

  6. It may be true that they were actually booing the Dodgers for trading him not Matt Kemp. What moron would boo Matt?

  7. I just hope he gets the respect he deserves from us Dodger fans on Opening Day. I, for one, with give him a standing ovation when he’s announced! After that, game on!!

  8. Clipper fans have no class if Matt shows up at a Lakers game he will get a standing ovation. Dumb move Dodgers

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