MLB 15 The Show Player Ratings: Kershaw, Puig & How Dodgers Compare

MLB 15 The Show Top Third Basemen

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Over the last two seasons, Juan Uribe has resurrected his career and been a stable force at third base for the Dodgers — when healthy. Uribe used a strong season in 2013 to re-sign with the Dodgers for two years, but was in and out of the lineup due to hamstring injuries last season.

Uribe has a history of winning World Series every five years dating back to 2005, is hopeful to eventually retire with the Dodgers, but he doesn’t make the video game’s list.

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  1. Adrian Gonzalez gets no love from the experts. He is, I believe, in the top 5 or higher. I agree Goldschmidt is a great first baseman but he was injured last year along with Votto so if they are not on the field they should not be rated. Greinke continues to be left off of the top 10 lists and I believe he is a top 10 pitcher. Kendrick in my mind having watched him the last couple of years should be in the top 3 he is a great defensive and offensive second baseman very under rated.

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