MLB 15 The Show Player Ratings: Kershaw, Puig & How Dodgers Compare

MLB 15 The Show Top Center Fielders

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The Dodgers have plenty of outfielders on the roster, but a bonafide center fielder is not among them — unless Yasiel Puig is taken into consideration. Saddled by sporadic playing time, Andre Ethier has been on the decline in recent years and doesn’t believe he’s suited for center field moving forward.

Joc Pederson is off to a hot spring and appears to be the answer moving forward, but he isn’t quite there yet and thus, the Dodgers don’t have a video game top-10 center fielder.

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  1. Adrian Gonzalez gets no love from the experts. He is, I believe, in the top 5 or higher. I agree Goldschmidt is a great first baseman but he was injured last year along with Votto so if they are not on the field they should not be rated. Greinke continues to be left off of the top 10 lists and I believe he is a top 10 pitcher. Kendrick in my mind having watched him the last couple of years should be in the top 3 he is a great defensive and offensive second baseman very under rated.

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