MLB Clears Path For Teams to Issue Ticket Refunds

Good news for MLB fans hoping to see a ticket refund for a game they have yet to see. Major League Baseball made the decision on Tuesday afternoon to loosen the restrictions it placed on teams to give refunds, essentially leaving it up to individual teams.

That means that the Dodgers should be announcing a refund plan for games any day now, given that the league just cleared them too. They will no longer be able to advise that they are waiting on MLB to decide how to proceed, as they have been doing for the last couple of weeks.

The change of the policy is interesting, given that all 30 MLB teams were involved in a lawsuit that was announced just last week. Two ticket holders from New York filed a case against the league, in what many experts felt was a legitimate case. 

MLB has been able to justify holding onto fans’ money by listing games as postponed rather than canceled, which they most certainly will be for fans. Many fans have wondered when teams would at least communicate on the refund policy, given that over a month’s worth of would-be games has already passed. Expect an announcement from the Dodgers over the next couple of days.

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