Dodgers Team News Looks At Dodgers 5 Keys Before Spring Training

On the heels of our own Clint Pasillas’ writing about the remaining needs of the Dodgers, Ken Gurnick has derived his own over at

After you review our list, see how it stacks up against Gurnick’s. Moreover, here’s what Gurnick feels the Dodgers need to do prior to spring training at Camelback Ranch (which is approaching quickly).’s 5 Keys for The Dodgers Ahead of Spring Training

  • Add a game changer
  • Add a catcher
  • Add a right-handed bat
  • Get Well (Healthy)
  • Front Office Reorganization

In all, this is a really good list. Gurnick leads off by saying the Dodgers need to make a splash acquisition with the likes of Bryce Harper, Corey Kluber, and others available. He believes that adding Kluber alongside Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw would give the Dodgers their best big three in half of a century.

Next, Gurnick states probably the most obvious on our own list of adding a catcher. This is simple math: Austin Barnes plus no one equals a little bit of a hole. J.T. Realmuto’s name is mentioned by Gurnick but again, that price tag is high. A veteran hand could go a long way in solidifying this position group while the youngsters are on the rise in the system.

Adding a right handed bat was an excellent item to list. No matter where that bat lands on the diamond as far as position – clearly some right-handed thunder would make this lineup look a little prettier. Equally important, this slight need was created by the trade of Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp. Moreover, you could still add a left-handed bat who can handle lefties regularly.

Getting healthy is another important component. Gurnick mentions Corey Seager and Kenley Jansen who are coming off two different but very serious surgeries. To have these two back at 100 percent when April gets underway would give all of us a warm feeling.

Finally, Gurnick mentions the new front office members simply settling in. The names of Jeff Kingston, Brandon Gomes, and Alex Slater are all mentioned variously in their new and expanding roles.

Final Thoughts

Gurnick did a great job outlining what the Dodgers need to button up before Spring Training begins. It won’t be long until the Dodgers are packing the moving trucks and heading to Arizona. With that said – did Gurnick miss anything? What would you like to see the Dodgers get done before Spring Training starts? Sound off in the comments section.

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  1. Miami is asking too high a price in prospects for Realmuto. Perhaps the Dodgers should look elsewhere for a catcher.

    1. I think we are getting to that point, Robin. Check back tomorrow for more on this. I basically said this exact line.

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