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MLB: Commissioner Confirms Baseball’s Return Depends on One Key Item

There have been plenty of rumors floating around as to what MLB is doing to get baseball going again. There have been a few reported plans released, including one that would put the entire league in Phoenix. But Commissioner Rob Manfred spoke with Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday morning to confirm baseball’s intentions.

Manfred did the interview on Mornings With Maria to clarify what MLB was actually working on. As it turns out, there are no real plans in place. Manfred clarified that there are plenty of ideas being floated around, but that’s it so far. 

…from our perspective we don’t have a plan, we have lots of ideas. What ideas come to fruition will depend on what the restrictions are, what the public health situation is. But we are intent on the idea of trying to make baseball part of the recovery – the economic recovery – and sort of a milestone on the return of normalcy.

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The real concern is the players’ health and that baseball will not be played until it is safe. Manfred confirmed that MLB would be working closely with health officials to determine an appropriate time to get baseball going.

The only decision we have made, the only real plan that we have, is that baseball is not going to return until the public health situation is improved to the point that we’re comfortable that we can play games in a manner that is safe for our players, our employees, our fans and in a way that will not impact the public health situation adversely.

Whenever MLB is able to get back to action, it is sure to require a change from the game that we all know. Whether it be completely missing fans or a drastic change in the rules, something will be different about baseball when it returns. 

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