MLB Looking To Make Rule Changes That Would Effect the Dodgers

It appears that Major League Baseball may be aiming to mitigate teams manipulating their 25-man rosters.

According to a source from an article published by the Associated Press.

[MLB] has proposed going back to a 15-day disabled list and increasing the time optioned players usually must spend in the minor leagues — moves aimed at reducing the use of relief pitchers and reviving offense.

What Rules Are They Looking To Change?

According to AP, the proposed rule changes would change the DL stints back to a minimum of 15 days, instead of 10. Optioned players would have to spend at least 15 days in the minors, instead of 10.

The article cites an increased use in relievers in the past few seasons, as well as DL placements. The obvious reasoning here is rest and availability for relievers. Rested relievers, better results. The article goes on to cite the astronomical increased rate of strikeouts. Although, this isn’t new news:

“Strikeouts set a record for the 11th straight year, increasing by 1,103 to 41,207, and topped hits (41,019) for the first time in major league history. Hits led by 2,111 in 2017 and by 13,418 in 2006.”

Strikeouts have been on the rise, but MLB should realize it isn’t for unknown reasons. Analytics have continually de-stigmatized strikeouts. They also cite batting average dropping to it’s lowest point last year at .248. Analytics have continued to devalue batting average, so that trend is no mystery, either.

Effects On The Dodgers

It’s no secret the the Dodgers use the 10 day DL liberally, and very much in their favor. Whether it be phantom DL stints for tired pitchers, or real injuries. The 10 day DL versus a 15 DL doesn’t seem like a big difference, but for starters that’s one entire start, and for position players that’s up to 5 full games of availability. That makes a big difference.

Will This Really Help MLB?

MLB is trying to remedy the ‘problems’ that it has with increased strikeouts, less hitting, more pitching changes, and bringing a younger market to the game. As everyone knows, more stringent rules to make a game harder has historically always brought more people to the game…

This could be called a solution without a problem, but it’s not. It’s just their smokescreen. MLB reported incredible revenue yet again for this season. Rob Manfred clearly doesn’t like the army of pitching changes that take place during a game. Nobody really likes that many stops in a game–but the strategy is effective. The game isn’t broken, but MLB is still looking to fix it. It does increase game time, but people are still watching.

The effect it would have on the success of teams versus the positive effects it’d have on the speed of games doesn’t seem like it would change a whole lot. Trying to streamline the game better isn’t a bad thing, but changing things at the expense of the game’s integrity just comes off like a bad coat of paint.

What are your thoughts?

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AJ Gonzalez

AJ is a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan who grew up in California. His whole family is also lifelong Dodgers fans. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, two kids, his guitars, and beagle Kobe.


  1. If they really want to change the game, how about a point system? Example: a single is 1 point. A double 2 points, ect. More scoring, no tie games and every action counts. Negative points for strike outs for the team up and positive for the team on the field.

  2. Rob Manfred would probably put a clock on everything and spoil the nature of the game, given his druthers.This is just another half-baked idea. There’s nothing wrong with a 10 day DL. There’s no dearth of hitting going around and some people actually like to see strikeouts. I don’t know who he’s trying to draw into the park that isn’t already there.The only change that would accomplish that is a reduction of ticket prices and parking costs. Not the worst commissioner we’ve had, but nothing very impressive

  3. If he really wants to make a radical change to speed up the game in later innings, try this: Starting pitchers unless removed between innings have to throw 90 pitches before being removed. Relief pitchers have to throw at least 25 pitches before being removed. This eliminates 3 pitchers per inning and actually could make starters throw deeper. Pretty radical!!

  4. I like the 15 day deal. this thing about strike outs. There were more strike outs because the umps suck. I saw a lot of games last year and I saw time after time idiot calls behind the plate, and many times on both teams. I think Umpires should have reviews on their performances after each game. Point out to them what they are doing wrong.

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