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MLB: Mark McGwire Wants Players Wearing Masks on the Field

Former Dodgers’ bench coach and MLB slugger Mark McGwire used to turn heads with his majestic homeruns, but now he’s turning heads for other reasons. McGwire’s opinions on masks during the MLB season has fans all sorts of riled up. 

The quote in question came on am570 when McGwire said that MLB needs to do more than their current safety protocols. As of now, players are not required to wear masks on the field, but they do have the option to. 

When you go out onto the field you can take it off and play without it. I think the players should play with them on. I mean, you learn how to do it. They did it back in 1918 and not a lot of players got sick. A few of them did, but not a lot of them…You know you’re going to have those players walking into the clubhouse not wearing a mask and then you’re gonna have these players gonna be yelling at them. 

The idea of wearing masks on the field is not completely unheard of, and MLB likely considered that during all of these negotiations. But having players running around and playing at a high level with a mask on is a big ask. 

Should players start to test positive at a high rate, perhaps MLB would consider something like this. Personally, I think they would shut down the entire season before making players wear masks while they play, but we have seen players in Korea wearing them while playing. 

This is the second time since quarantine started that McGwire has had fans up in arms after an appearance on am570. Last time, he made a few comments on the career of Yasiel Puig that MLB fans un general were not exactly fans of. 

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