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MLB May Ask Players to Take Pay Cuts if Fans Cannot Attend Games

There are plenty of concerns for MLB to get games going again, chief among them is the health of their players. If the league us going with a biodome plan then there so many logistical questions that pop up along with it. To say the least, baseball has so much to figure out before ever considering playing games. 

One of those concerns involves the payments of players, and that has been a concern from day one of the suspended season. MLB made an arrangement to make sure players are paid through this month, but beyond that is a mystery. In a press conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took it upon himself to address the issue should games be played without fans.

Apparently, Major League Baseball would have to make a deal with the players because if you have no one in the stands then the numbers are going to change, right? The economics are going to change…

MLB Super-agent Scott Boras seemed to think that the agreement is already in place and that Governor Cuomo was mistaken. 

Mr. Wilpon apparently failed to inform Governor Cuomo that players and owners already reached a good-faith agreement which contemplated MLB games without fans and at neutral sites. Further, the players in this agreement agreed to be paid a fraction of their full salary based upon games played divided by 162.

The language in the actual agreement between MLB and the MLBPA says that the issue will be readdressed between the two sides should games be played without fans. The deal is reported to be an agreement that the issue will need to be revisited should the atmosphere of games need to be changed. Fans not being in attendance would be one of those changes. 

So it remains to be seen what will actually happen, but the language in the agreement makes us think that players could be asked to take a reduction in pay. 

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