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MLB News: Angels Owner Will Explore Selling the Team

The Angels have consistently been one of the most disappointing teams in MLB for the last decade-plus. Despite all of the talent and big names that they have been able to bring aboard, Anaheim has played in just 3 postseason games since 2014 when the Royals swept them out of the American League Division Series. 

They have a generational player in Mike Trout. They have a once-in-a-lifetime player that plays both sides of the ball in Shohei Ohtani. They have the large market of Orange County and the money that can come with it. But every year, they’re one of the worst teams in MLB. 

Right now, the Angels are on pace to lose 93 games and miss out of the playoffs by a wide margin again. That would be the 8th consecutive season that they fail to make the playoffs. And they’re doing that with a top 10 payroll in MLB. 

But there is good news for fans in Anaheim. The report today is that owner Arte Moreno is exploring a sale of the team. And that news isn’t just good for fans in Southern California, it’s good for MLB fans in general. 

Moreno has often been pointed to as the main reason that the Angels have not had any sort of success. Critics point to the fact that Moreno would often target big name free agents rather than going for what the team actually needed. You can look at the contracts of Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton as a good example of that. Those are some of the worst in MLB history in terms of how they worked out. 

But we will see what happens. Moreno insisted that the Angels would not be sellers at the trade deadline this year, and they were not. If he’s serious about selling the team, there will be some serious bidding happening. 

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