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MLB News: Astros Player Issues An Expletive Laden Apology

Astros players have finally realized the error of their ways and have started apologizing. Unfortunately, it’s been the former players that have started to speak up, not players currently on the team.

Former Astros’ catcher Evan Gattis went onto a podcast on The Atheltic the other day and spoke about his part in the cheating scandal. Dodgers fans, be ready for a lot of expletives in the podcast should you choose to listen.

Everybody wants to be the best player in the f—–g world, man … and we cheated that, for sure, and we obviously cheated baseball and cheated fans. Fans felt duped. I feel bad for fans.

It’s interesting to see a player recognize what he cheated the fans out of. Dodgers fans certainly know that they were cheated out of their first World Series title since 1988. The Astros had to use all seven games AND cheat in order to beat one of the best Dodger teams we have ever seen. 

I’m not asking for sympathy or anything like that. If our punishment is being hated by everybody forever, just like, whatever. I don’t know what should be done, but something had to f—–g be done. I do agree with that, big-time. I do think it’s good for baseball that we’re cleaning it up. … And I understand that it’s not f—–g good enough to say sorry. I get it.

Gattis went on to point out that not all Astros players were on board with the idea. He does not get into specifics, but at least there is some solace in the fact that someone on that team had a heart. 

It got out of f—–g control. That’s why I’m actually glad that the objective truth is out there. We f—-d up, and it was not right. It was wrong. It’s a little easier to see it being f—-d up afterwards.

Evan Gattis joins Marwin Gonzalez as the only two members of the Astros 2017 World Series team to publicly apologize. Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman made statements during a press conference in which they essentially read prepared notes off of a card.

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  1. It’s too bad that Evan Gattis has the vocabulary of a 16-year-old teenager. What a great example he is for the kids that look up to professional athletes!

  2. I would have a certain sympathy for the Astros if their players would ask the Commissioner themselves to cancel the 2017 world series and put their ring back on. Without it, nothing for them.

  3. For me, finally a real admission without “buts” and “…he never did…” excuses. Even the manager’s apology was blaming others while it happened right under his nose. I don’t care if you take their rings or take the trophy, all I want is the apologies to come out on record – so that it will always be remembered and documented that they cheated. So that every time the 2017 World Series starts off, the intro or conversation always references their cheating. That is enough shame for those players.

  4. The minimum there needs to be a huge asterisk in the record books next to the 2017 Houston Astros World Series Champions*, that reads: ” Champioship obtained through admitted cheating of Houston Astros players and organization after investigation by Major League Baseball”

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