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MLB News: California Governor in Advanced Talks to Allow Fans to Attend Baseball Games

Dodgers fans and MLB fans alike have waited patiently for news on attending ballgames in 2021. After sitting out all of the 2020 season, fans just want to know what they are going to get the chance to see their guys play.

As it turns out, that might be much sooner than we all thought in California. Governor Gavin Newsom gave a COVID-19 health and safety update today in which he addressed MLB and the possibility of attendance in California. According to him, the state is trending in the right direction and is in talks with the league to make it happen. 

The details of that conversation with MLB are entirely unknown at this point, aside from what Newsom said. It also comes with the caveat that California residents must continue to wear masks and get vaccinated in the coming weeks. 

While this certainly isn’t a guarantee that we will all get to attend ballgames soon, it is a HUGE step. This is the first time Newsom has said that spectators at sporting events in California were even remotely possible, and certainly a first for MLB. 

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Dodgers President and CEO Stan Kasten said in a message to season ticket holders this month that he was hoping to have fans in the stands by Opening Day. It’s unclear as of now if Newsom’s conversations with MLB focused on that date as a possibility. 

UPDATE: Newsom later clarified that he is also hoping to have fans in the stands by Opening Day, albeit likely at a limited capacity. 

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  1. Newsome is a do as I say, not as I do guy. He’s just getting the heebee, geebees, because of the strong recall effort in this beautiful state. Just think of him as an Astro Guy.

    1. Newsom the asterick! Love it. Hope we open to at least 25% capacity by Opening Day. Can’t wait to see them in the flesh in the ravine. Go Dodgers!

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