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MLB News: Carlos Correa Can’t Escape ‘Cheater’ Tag, Has Exchange with Chicago Reliever

Everyone’s favorite shortstop is in the news again. Noted Houston cheater and current Twins’ star Carlos Correa still can’t escape his past and his vocal part surrounding the Astros’ sign stealing scandal from 2017. Houston was outed as cheaters when former Astro pitcher Mike Fiers blew the whistle on a complex sign stealing system that, in its simplified form involved cameras in center field and signs being deciphered and delivered to batters in real time in a crude manner like a trash can bang and a loud whistle from the dugout. Beyond that, however, there was also an entire department in Houston’s front office dedicated to stealing signs. A system they called “code breaker.”

Once the news got out and Major League Baseball offered immunity to players involved in exchange for information related to the system, just about every player from that 2017 World Series Championship team has battled the perception of being a cheater.

And guys like Carlos Correa hear the noise at every single ballpark they go to. Sometimes even from the opposition. Like old friend Joe Kelly, who became a world famous shirt thanks to his pouty face and interaction with Correa. The one that got him suspended for 8 games.

This week, one of Kelly’s teammates in the bullpen, Kenyan Middleton, shared his thoughts on Correa after striking him out to end a ballgame.

“I knew I was going to face Correa, and I don’t like him, so it was kind of cool,” Middleton told reporters after the game. “I like that. I enjoyed that a lot. … I mean, he’s a cheater.”


That quote made its way to Correa. “I’ve heard worse,” the shortstop said.

Dodgers fans will get their chance to welcome Correa to Los Angeles once again when the Minnesota Twins pay a visit to Dodger Stadium later this month. So get those vocal cords ready for a chorus of boos, Dodgers Nation. And start working on your best “cheater” signage that you can get into the ballpark. Make Correa feel at home.

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