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MLB News: Commissioner Completes Red Sox Investigation, Decision Coming

It’s been a wild couple of weeks in Major League Baseball. After the sport was entirely shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic, baseball’s future has been a mystery. So much so that fans started to wonder if the punishment for the Red Sox’s involvement in a cheating scandal was going to slip through the cracks. Well, we finally have an answer to that.

It sounds like Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has completed his investigation on the Red Sox electronic sign-stealing scandal. This comes months after the Houston Astros had received punishment for their part in a massive electronic sign-stealing scandal that rocked the sport and fans. 

We are done with the investigation. There’s been a delay in terms of producing a written report just because I frankly have not had time to turn to it. … We will get a Boston report out before we resume play.

Dodgers fans were somewhat concerned about this for a few reasons. First and foremost, there were fears that newly acquired David Price and Mookie Betts would be implicated in the scandal and thus suffer consequences. The two have apparently already been cleared, per the Dodgers. 

The other reason is that the Dodgers played the Red Sox in the 2018 World Series. If Boston did use that electronic surveillance during the 2018 series, then that would make two straight championships in which they faced teams that allegedly cheated Los Angeles out of. 

Rob Manfred made the comment during an interview with ESPN’S Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter. 

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  1. I don’t believe much punishment will be levied on the Red Sox. Manfred saw the repercussion from the Astros’ fallout, where that whole team became public enemy #1; there’s no way Manfred will create a repeat of the same situation. He will come up with some bogus excuses and let the Red Sox walk away easy. Alex Cora will be back managing again this season if the games are not cancelled.

  2. As many fans expressed their feelings I too am surprised and ashamed at the commissioner. If he thinks he’s going by Baseball rules then he should bring up the idea of changing or adding the rules to put a harsher punishment on teams that do wrong and underline do wrong. I think of the movie 8 men out, that was punishment at the same time it was not investigated completely and some got unjust punishment. Wrong is wrong and in this case, the commissioner is wrong in not completely punishing the right players and their teams. If there was an outside source involved with the cheating they should be charged in some way. It’s time for a new commissioner and new rules,

  3. This commissioner of Baseball is a scared to issue a big punishment and the Red Socks and Astros should be made to forfit the World Series and given to The LA Dodgers. More fans ought to get on the Band wagon and call the Commissioner out and show him who the fans are really are and they will not stand for his slap on the wrist for punishment.

  4. I have about as more faith in the Mexican government investigating the drug cartels than Manfred investigating anything. Corruption cannot investigate corruption.

  5. Notwithstanding Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred’s comment on the World Series trophy being, “a piece of metal, and now his obvious attempt to drag attention-out long as possible with, “I frankly have not had time to turn to it.. Yea, right.. I strongly suggest Mr. Manfred be replaced with someone that actually respects the sport.. As the great Vin Scully said, “I have so-much respect for players of this game, because I know its not only hard to make it to big league, but even harder to stay there..

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