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MLB News: Corbin Burnes, Not Dodgers’ Max Scherzer wins NL Cy Young Award

Happy Cy Young Wednesday! Today, the winner of the 2021 NL Cy Young award was announced on MLB Network. In a not completely surprising result, Milwaukee right-hander Corbin Burnes was named the winner for the 2021 award with 12 first place votes. Phillies righty Zack Wheeler, who led the National League in pitcher wins above replacement with 7.6 bWAR, placed second also with 12 first place votes.

Burnes collected 14 second place votes while Wheeler got 9, making up the difference.

Rounding out the top 3, Dodgers ace Max Scherzer came in third with 6 first place votes, 5 second place and 13 third place votes. Notably, Walker Buehler finished fourth in voting with 2 second place votes and 9 third place. 

Burnes finished the season leading the NL with a 2.43 ERA over 167 innings pitched across 28 starts. He had the fewest innings total among Cy finalists. Scherzer finished just behind Burnes with a 2.46 over 179.1 innings pitched with the Nationals and Dodgers. Wheeler posted a 2.78 ERA over an MLB-leading 213.1 IP. He also recorded 247 strikeouts, tops in the NL.

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Congratulations to Brewers ace Corbin Burnes on winning his first Cy Young award.

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  1. Yet no mention of the NL manager of the year- Gabe Kapler. Uncle Dave gets 5th place with only 6 votes. Even the baseball writers for the LA chapter voted Uncle Dave a mighty 3rd place. AF needs to get rid of this clown but he probably won’t. With the pending loss of FA talent Uncle Dave will have even less to work with now. Expect a finish above the Dbacks and Rockies although the Giants will be a slightly different team without Buster but will still finish ahead of the Dodgers along with Padres.

    1. Dodgerglenn, you’re being too pessimistic so early on. Don’t worry, have faith that AF will put together a championship contending team! He’s proven himself already and will do it again. I think it will be a similar result with respect to the Giants. The NL west will be a close race, but I don’t think the Padres will be close. They’re chokers and can’t keep up with the big boys. As for DR – yes he will have less to work with, but hopefully won’t have to deal with all the injuries and offensive inconsistencies. Let’s hope he keeps his stupid decisions to a minimum.

  2. Sign both Scherzer (150 innings) and Gausman (150 innings) so that the Giants cannot do so. And so that the Padres cannot do so. Sign Kershaw with a reasonable base salary (100 innings) and large incentives for pitching 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 innings. Urias (150 innings) and Beuhler (150 innings). [Or Robbie Ray or Rodon in place of Gausman] That is 700 innings [Kershaw at 100], quite a reasonable goal to reach if no one is seriously hurt. That leaves 750 more innings to make up by backup starters and the bullpen. The bullpen pitched 608 innings last year, a lot, but easily doable in 2022. And with a really good ERA for those 600 innnigs.

    To get the missing 150 innings [or more if one of the true starters is significantly injured], there are potential backup starters (6) Mitch White (7) Andre Jackson (8) David Price before the All-Star break [4 innings per start] (9) Heaney on a short leash until the All-Star Break and his experiment is deemed to be a failure(10) Dustin May in September; (11) bullpen games before an off-day about 10 times spread out over the season (12) maybe Caleb Ferguson after the All-Star break if really necessary (13) one of Bobby Miller, Landon Knack,Ryan Pepiot, Choi, or another minor leaguer for one or two emergency starts if necessary. Possibly one more amazing find like Bickford to be found from someone else’s DFA/Rule V or a minor league free agent/ Mexican League/ Japanese baseball/Korean League once Heaney is benched.

  3. Congratulations to Corbin Burnes, it’s an honor he should be proud of, and I do say that sincerely even if I disagree with the vote.

    But it’s a farce. He only won 11 games. Julio won 20. Beuhler at 16-4 won 5 more and lost one less with an ERA .03 higher. Yeah he had a bunch of strikeouts, however not the leader, but that wins the strikeout crown for the year, (if he had won it) one leg of three for pitchers, ERA, wins and K’s. He had an excellent year, but not one, but 2.5 Dodgers pitchers had better years. Teams win pennants with wins, not strikeout rates.

  4. Not too surprising. First there is an anti-Dodgers bias (the evil empire thing), but most importantly, Scherzer kinda disappeared when Dodgers needed him most. The only reason I can see that Julio didn’t at least get selected as a CY finalist is some blowback for his domestic violence issues? Back in the day, Julio is a runaway winner of CY.

    1. Yep, back when wins was the most important pitching stat. Re: Scherzer disappearing, don’t forget these awards are for regular season only, not post season. Scherzer was 15-4 on the season. He was 8-4 as a National, came to LA and got 11 starts, down the stretch run. He went 7-0 with a 1.98 ERA in those 11 starts and the Dodgers won all 11 games.
      He had the best WHIP in the league and his 2.46 ERA was 2nd best. With 15 wins, and his stellar pitching during the last few months of the season, He had more strikeouts and a higher WAR than Burnes. I believe he deserved the Cy Young award.
      Meanwhile Burnes was 11-5 with a 2.43 ERA.

  5. Isn’t it more ‘The Nationals, Maximillian Scherzer’? He played more games and pitched more innings in a National uniform.

  6. Are the voters not paying attention during the season? Urias should be near runaway winner. Maybe postseason figured in with Roberts shuffling pitchers around in wrong situations.

    Should be better next season with new manager. HaHa

  7. I believe votes for awards such as Cy Young etc, are taken at the end of the regular season so postseason doesn’t affect the vote.

    As much as I dislike the money aspect of the game, who do you think would be offered a bigger contract in free agency, an 11 game winner or a 20 game winner. Strikeouts be damned.

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