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MLB News: Craig Kimbrel Signs With Chicago Cubs

The Craig Kimbrel to the Los Angeles Dodgers saga has ended. Albeit, not how many Dodgers fans would have liked to seen it end.

Furthermore, Kimbrel has signed a multi-year agreement with the Chicago Cubs. This was reported by Ken Rosenthal on Wednesday evening.

However – the more interesting part of the report came out a little afterwards. And this part should interest Dodgers fans a little bit. Buster Olney of ESPN reports that the Dodgers were in talks with Kimbrel, among several other teams.

Now, one can speculate on why the Dodgers didn’t get deeper with such a pressing need. Without question, Kimbrel would have been an addition that could help propel the Dodgers to their first World Series title since 1988.

Earlier this season, Kenley Jansen was asked about how he would feel if Kimbrel was to join the Dodgers. It seemed as though Jansen had some sidweways remarks about it and was less than thrilled.

Instead, Kimbrel joins a team in the Chicago Cubs who will employ him in the closer role. Indeed, this is a team that the Dodgers will likely need to navigate through at some point in the playoffs to get back to the Fall Classic.

Your Opinion On The Kimbrel Signing

So, how do you feel about the Cubs winning out on Kimbrel? While many of you might not be surprised – what do you feel the reasoning was for the Dodgers passing on the right-hander? Lastly, what should the Dodgers do now to bolster the bullpen? Who would your targets be that are remaining around the league?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Andrew Friedman is an idiot. If the cubs and dodgers meet in the playoffs and kimbrel saves the cubs to a series victory. There’s no way in the world that he doesn’t get fired. Remember Kasten is also a cheap idiot too.

  2. Do they keep stats on how many times a teams bullpen hits a batter versus innings pitched? It seems like our bullpen pitchers hit batters or walk batters every time they come into a game. UGH!

  3. Yesterday Roberts pulled Maeda from the game too early. With his bullpen, he cannot afford to remove pitchers who are pitching well. By now he should know that his bullpen is an incendiary device. Roberts, under questioning by the media after the game, maintained that is was the right decision. I respectfully disagree with “Dave” on this one.

    To me, he should know by now, that this years version of the Dodger bullpen cannot be trusted to hold leads. Anytime he has one of his starters rolling along having allowed three runs or less, he should keep sending them back out there until the pitch count tops 100. His tired starters are still better than his freshest reliever. Why doesn’t he see that?

    1. hey bluz1st, perhaps it may be in part Freidman’s decision also but I concur with you and asked why in the world did Roberts remove Maeda after only 70 pitches on another page here. Dodgers lost last night because of a failed offense but a huge reason also was Robert’s mis management of the BP as per usual.

    2. When have you ever heard Doc say one of his failed moves was the wrong decision? Maybe never?

  4. Our bull pen cannot be trusted in close games. When Dodgers offense is on point and there is a significant lead, we can breathe easier as our bull pen consistently gives up latter inning runs. At this point, I am shocked when we have a clean bull pen inning. And unless we are ahead by a lot, I continue to cringe when our Dodgers’ starters are pulled. We must rely on a Dodgers’ bull pen that will rarely be “lights out” (with limited exception.)
    I love my Dodgers; but, the Dodgers have not yet addressed the obvious……

  5. The Dodgers need to get over this, “we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings” BS. If you want to win, put the pieces in place to make that happen. Jansen has been shaky. We need an insurance policy if he blows up. If he doesn’t, great. We have a good set up guy. C’mon man!

    1. Thought they should have went for it with Kimbrel – and they did reportedly – it takes two to dance. But I would have done what it takes to get him in blue, if they liked him enough to talk to him. I guess that’s why I am not a GM.

  6. We will end up with a couple of bargain basement rehab relievers. I think Jansen needs to dummy up and accept it if we can find another true closer. After all most of the lineup gets juggled according to cyber metrics anyway, so why not the closer spot?

  7. Kimbrel would have been “the elephant in the corner”. He was a closer and would never have accepted a setup role. Jansen is our closer. Period. He has had a rough start? High ERA yes. But if you have watched him this year, he is just a tick away from dominance again. We have the most wins in baseball. And Kelly will turn, Ferguson will be back, Urias will stay longer in the pen, and Baez has been solid. Relax people.

  8. Another lost opportunity by Freidman and a ‘blown save,’ not on Jansen but on management. Kimbrel could have been the bridge to Jansen. Now there is still a huge gap in between starters and the losers who blow their leads.

  9. Another great Dodgers team that will go nowhere. This years reason, the bullpen. Such a waste the offense and rotation are doing great things might even be the best in dodger history yet it will all be wasted

    1. I think that they will be better. For instance, Pedro Baez didn’t get hot and become elite until late in the year last season. They will improve. Need better pieces in the pen to get through all of October, IMO.

      1. Please. Baez has been good since August of last year, as you said (and dismissing his costing the last d-backs game) but he is far from an elite reliever.

        1. Baez was a right-handed version of Hader down the stretch and in the playoffs last year – he just didn’t get the hype that Hader did. Look at the numbers. And if you watched him, you saw what I saw. Hitters knew they didn’t have a chance against him. He started slowly this year but he’s been fine. I can tell big league hitters don’t like facing him. He’s a problem for them.

    2. I agree 100%.If ppl think that Kelly getting it together is our key then it’s gonna go down like The Titanic.I still think we need 2 guys in the BP.Doolittle or Watson and maybe look at some of the guys on TB.Alvarado would be a beast.I really thought Ferguson would be a bad MFer this year.I wish they’d do something now before the deadlineChi today and Philly other day.These teams aren’t waiting around.

  10. I agree that Kimbrel was a “lost opportunity” and Kimbrel gives the Cubs a better chance at the NL pennant. Still, I refuse to give up belief that the Dodgers will manage to get back to the World Series. From my perspective, the problem is not getting TO the World Series, it’s getting THROUGH the World Series with a well-deserved ring. We need a strong bull pen to manage the latter and we are not anywhere near there, yet. But in the absence of changes to the bull pen… a Dodgers’ fan….all I can do is hope that the current bull pen improves.

  11. Kimbrel has been a completely different pitcher in PS, the last 3 years he pitched in 13.2 postseasons innings where he posted a 6.18ERA, 1.842 WHIP,
    9 BB and he allowed 13 hits two of them HR.

  12. So, what you are saying is that, Kimbrel may help Chicago Cubs get to the post season and then choke? Admittedly, I was not familiar with his post season stats and those numbers do not look that impressive, specifically a 6.18 ERA. Still, the Dodgers need bull pen improvement from current players and/or by way of external changes.

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