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MLB News: Everything We Know About the CBA Negotiations So Far

In case you haven’t heard, MLB and the players’ association have still not come to terms on a new CBA. The two sides have had three bargaining sessions this month, but are still worlds apart on several key issues.

MLB and the MLBPA met for first time in 2022 on January 13th so MLB could submit new proposals regarding “core-economic” issues. The meeting reportedly lasted seven minutes. Turns out, it’s difficult to create progress on economic terms of a multi-billion dollar industry in seven minutes.

Passan’s declaration confirmed what many baseball fans feared – a delay to the start of spring training. A warning light for a car that’s running like a Ford Pinto.

Not surprisingly, ESPN’s Jeff Passan, The Athletic’s Evan Drellich, and USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, have been on the ground floor of the CBA negotiations.

All three reporters communicated that the MLBPA would submit their counter proposal to MLB this past Monday.

During the Monday meeting, Drellich reported that the negotiations were productive and “spirited”. However, he also stated that MLB is willing to cancel regular games over “outstanding issues”. Gulp.

MLB and the MLBPA met for the second day in a row on Tuesday. According to MLB’s Jon Heyman, the two parties found some middle ground on a contentious topic: compensation for younger players.

All four experts are quick to point out that MLB and the MLBPA still have a plenty of work to do on many fronts. The competitive balance tax threshold, revenue sharing, and the pre-arbitration salary scale are all major sticker points.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Hey, there ain’t nothing wrong with a Ford Pinto. Was my first car and never had an issue with it. Drove it for 100k miles until it got totaled. And no, the gas tank didn’t explode. Ahhh, many fond memories of being in the back seat of that car!

  2. amazingly, major league baseball and the players union seem to have unanimously decided to die on the same hill.

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