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MLB News: Former Dodger Joc Pederson Traded From the Cubs

The MLB trade deadline floodgates have officially opened up with 2 weeks left. The first big trade of the mid-season was announced when the Cubs sent Joc Pederson over to the Atlanta Braves. It’s an interesting trade, but one that could benefit Atlanta greatly. 

The Braves are 44-45 but also trailing the first-place Mets by just 4 games in the NL East. After losing Ronald Acuna Jr for the year with a knee injury, they needed an outfielder to shore up the defense. Pederson was one of the better available MLB outfielders on the market this early on. 

If the Braves do fall out of contention over the next 2 weeks, they could look to trade Pederson again. Most teams in MLB could use a big left-handed bat, especially one with as much playoff success as Joc. 

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In exchange for Pederson, the Cubs received 1B prospect Bryce Ball. The left-handed slugging prospect immediately dropped into Chicago’s top 30 prospect list after being traded. Ball has struggled at High-A this year after tearing apart minor league pitching in 2019. He is projected to reach the MLB level right around 2023. 

Pederson will be the first piece of the Cubs to fall as they start the rebuild process. At 44-46 and 8 games out of the NL Central division, it sounds like they have decided to be sellers after all. Guys like Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Craig Kimbrel are all expected to be at least discussed. 

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  1. Worst Nightmare to follow: We all know how former Dodger’s come back to Haunt Us….
    Don’t even want to think about going up against Braves in Playoff’s(if we make it) with Joctober on their side…..

  2. And so begins the second half of Joc’s career, that of wandering left–handed bat. He won’t be with the Braves next year but he will be with someone and will end up briefly visiting places like Texas and Philadelphia, maybe even get picked up by the Giants at some point because Farhan likes his former players. But he won’t have a consistent MLB home which is sad. One hopes he will still be around in three or four years, but when you get traded for Single A prospect, it’s not a good sign.

    1. His cost is probably too much for a one dimensional player and a hitter that only cannot hit pitching from the left side. Dodgers knew it that is why they let him walk.

      1. Shaka808U, while that’s probably true Joc still wantd to go somewhere he would get a chance to play daily instead of platooning. Chances are, he will remain a guy who only stats against RHP. unless it’s a small market team not figuring to contend.

        1. Yup, being only a marginal defender w/ no speed and inability to hit LH’ed pitching, he will never be an everyday player. His asking price for being one dimensional will only make him a hired hand w/ no stability of staying w/ one team. Funny he had great potential after being drafted high out of high school. I guess some don’t develop well.

  3. Hope Joc has fun with the Braves. Not sure how he’ll be a big leaguer next year unless he takes a pay cut – seems like no one will offer him an everyday starter job.

    1. That’s very possible with Joc if he wants a shot with another MLB team. Hope Lux doesn’t end up sort of like Joc but again if he continues to show he’s inept against LHP, he will certainly see his playing time reduced to only starting against RHP. Could mean Lux simply becomes a permanent platoon player but wss.

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