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MLB News: Former General Manager Recommends Angels Trade Shohei Ohtani

It’s really easy to say that Shohei Ohtani is the most exciting player in MLB right now. With the ability to crush 40-plus homeruns a season and strike out guys on a fastball that touches triple digits, it’s not hard to see why. 

Unfortuantely for Shohei, he just so happens to play for one of the least exciting teams in all of baseball. The Angels are full of talent but have stumbled to a 38-50 record. Since firing their manager, they’ve been one of the worst teams in MLB. They’re destined not only to miss the playoffs for the 8th consecutive year but to finish below .500 for the 7th straight year. 

That has led many to wonder what they will do with their superstar talent. And one former MLB general manager suggested that they need to at least consider looking into dealing Ohtani away at the deadline this year. 

“I think you have to. If I’m them, I got to get a phone call from another team that I’ve scouted inside and out and I know that team about as well as I’m gonna know a team that I don’t work for. And they got to make an offer to me on Ohtani that I cannot hang the phone up. You’re gonna have to give me $2 for $1.”

Ohtani is under team control for one more season before he is eligible to hit free agency. The Angels could roll the dice and hope that things turn around in 2023. Or, they could start calling MLB teams and see what’s out there for them. Given their lack of recent success, that might be their best option. 

If you can’t win now, you might as well stock up the farm system. There are teams around the league that have the prospects to get a deal done. Meanwhile, the Angels have one of the worst farm systems in MLB. It’s time for them to start thinking about their future. 

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