MLB News: Home Run Derby Sees Pete Alonso Win Back-to-Back Titles

On Monday, players came out to Coors Field for this year’s Home Run Derby and it was interesting, to say the least. All eyes were on Shohei Ohtani, the home run leader so far this season, but things did not go as planned when Ohtani was taken out in the first round by Juan Soto.

However, Ohtani did not go out without a fight. The two players tied twice while going up against each other and it came down to three swings for the win. Juan Soto hit all three, which secured him a spot in the second round.

Once it came down to the finals, the two players that made it were Trey Mancini and Pete Alonso. Mancini, who recently recovered from cancer started the day off on fire with 24 home runs in the first round.

Pete Alonso started the day with a record-breaking 35 home runs in the first round.

At that point, it was all about what Alonso was going to do next and he made it look easy. Trey Mancini was up first in the final round and hit 22 home runs, but Pete Alonso came to play.

“There was no point where I thought I was going to lose,” said Alonso at the press conference after the competition. He proved himself last night after beating Mancini with 30 seconds left of bonus time and officially won back-to-back at the Home Run Derby.

All in all, another fine Derby for Major League Baseball.

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  1. Max Muncy won the real home run derby, walk off style, in the Dodgers last game before the break. Thanks for doing it when it counts Max!

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