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MLB News: Interesting Lineup Rules Emerge Per Baseball’s Gambling Deal

We pause from Dodgers news for a post to bring you some interesting general baseball news. Equally important, it’s from Peter Gammons! Furthermore, it’s been a while since I have been able to reference Gammons as a news source in an article.

Growing up watching the guy every evening on Baseball Tonight, I was excited to see the tweet. That is until I read what the tweet was about. Now – according to Gammons – managers will need to first submit their lineups to the Commissioner’s Office in accordance with baseball’s gambling agreement.

Surely, this will ruffle some managerial feathers. From the Yahoo Sports article linked above:

Gammons quoted an unnamed manager who said about the new lineup rule, “I’m really bothered by this.”

First, let’s understand why this is. Indeed, it surrounds the almighty dollar. Las Vegas oddsmakers will now see the lineups before the media or any other eyes. This allows those oddsmakers to set the lines and adjust them most accurately before first pitch. Baseball is essentially shaking hands with Vegas to make this a win-win for each side.

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Furthermore, some are making the argument that this diminishes the on-field product in some way. While I think that this is a bit much for baseball to agree to – I fail to see how it changes the quality of games played in the future.

That said, what do you think? How could this impact strategy on either side in your eyes? Do you feel that this is a negative change for the game of baseball?

Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. They can be swayed heavily by a middle of the order hitter or two being out of the lineup and many other factors.

  1. It’s all fixed so Vegas and mlb make the most money. Umpires are puppets for mlb they will make sure the right outcome occurs

  2. NODH, I hope you do not think that every game is “fixed”…, however I do think the Vegas odds are based on starting pitchers…

  3. This is th dumbest thing ever as a fan i like to see the lineup ahead of time to get a feel for what kind of game i will be watching or paying to go see, How does this benifit the overall game at isnt that what any rule changes are supposed to do this one is ridiculous…smh

    1. Good post Charles. I don’t understand how this benefits the fans. Other than if you enjoy betting on the sport.

  4. Wow! This is way beyond “letting the camel’s nose under the tent”, this is shaking hands with the devil! If Pete Rose weren’t still alive, he’d be turning over in his grave, but wait ol’ Bart is and he is. I can’t wait for the Scorsese film! Who’ll play Manfred? Clooney or Kevin Bacon? This is just too rich. Unbelievable. Go Blue!

  5. A manager should be allowed to change his lineup at the last nanosecond before the game. It’s total BS that Mafia-controlled Vegas has pressured MLB to make such an idiotic compromise.

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