MLB News: League Adjusts Roster Sizes For the Remainder of the Season

In the wake of the COVID outbreaks that have rocked the Marlins and Cardinals, MLB is making roster adjustments. Instead of remaining at 30 players as many teams had hoped, it will instead go down to 28. 

MLB was supposed to have roster sizes go down to 28 players this week in the original plan to play. With the recent outbreaks, teams were expecting the league to make some concessions. While it will not be the 30 players that teams wanted, staying at 28 will be helpful. 

The 28 players were supposed to shrink down to 26 just a month into the season. Instead, teams will be able to carry all 28 throughout the course of the postseason. It is also worth noting that the taxi squad of 3 players is now being set at 5 players. 

The roster adjustments could help to account for several things plaguing MLB teams in 2020. The COVID virus is the most obvious thing to hamper rosters, but there is more to it. The shortened season has seemingly made it difficult to keep pitchers healthy, who are dropping at a historic rate.

Other MLB Changes

MLB already made a drastic change to the double-header rule in the wake of games having to be stacked up. The Marlins and Cardinals will have to play quite a few in the coming weeks in order to get back on schedule with other teams. As such, the league mandated 7-inning games for double-headers this season. 

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