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MLB News: League Settles Lawsuit with Minor League Players for $185 Million

In a case that has lasted roughly eight years, the MLB has agreed to pay a $185 million settlement to minor leaguers for alleged violations of minimum wage laws.

An early estimate by Brian Kriegler, the players’ damages expert, believes each player will earn roughly $5,000 to $5,500 from the settlement. If the lawsuit is approved, the players will split approximately $120 million with another $55.5 million being split among lawyers and $5.5 million to cover reimbursements. 

Former MiLB pitcher and the players’ lead lawyer, Garrett Broshuis, weighed in on the impact this will have on the Minor League (quotes via Ronald Blum, Associated Press) 

“This settlement is a monumental step for minor league players toward a fair and just compensation system. I’ve seen first-hand the financial struggle players face while earning poverty-level wages — or no wages at all — in pursuit of their major league dream.”

The MLB also issued a statement on the settlement (via Ronald Blum, Associated Press).

“We are only in the second year of a major overhaul of the 100-year-old player development system and have made great strides to improve the quality of life for minor league players. We are proud that minor league players already receive significant benefits, including house, quality health care, multiple meals per day, college tuition assistant for those who wish to continue their education and over $450 million in annual signing bonuses for first-year players.”

The MLB added:

“We are pleased we were able to come to a mutually agreeable resolution but are unable to comment on the details until the agreement is formally approved by the court.”

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