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MLB News: ‘Little Progress’ Made in Latest CBA Negotiations; Spring Training in ‘Grave Danger’

It seemed only right that MLB and the MLBPA kicked off the third full month of the lockout with another bargaining session. On Tuesday, it was reported that the two sides met for 90 minutes. In a shock to no one, the session was characterized as “heated”.

The Athletic’s Evan Drellich was one of the first to report on the meeting:

Not Exactly a Pool Party

The pre-arbitration bonus pool concept is one of the few things MLB and the MLBPA agree on. Well, at least the concept of the idea of actually using it as a compensation mechanic for younger players.

Those bonus pool dollars would be awarded to standout players who have fewer than three years of major league service time. Like any good married couple, MLB and the MLBPA greatly disagree on how big the pool should be and who’s allowed to use it.

Service Time Manipulation

Another major topic in the MLB CBA negotiations has been service time manipulation. Under the old system, teams can bring up their top prospects at the end of April, as opposed to Opening Day, so the players doesn’t accrue a full year of service time. Meaning, teams can milk an extra season out of players before they’re eligible for free agency.

To address MLBPA’s concern on the matter, MLB has proposed teams receiving an extra draft pick if a top 100 prospect is included on a club’s Opening Day Roster. The league is also open to awarding top performing rookies a full year of service time in their first season, but wants to incorporate WAR as part of the equation. The players are firmly against using WAR in that regard.

The MLBPA is not convinced that an additional draft pick is a big enough carrot to motivate teams to start the season with their best prospects on the MLB roster.

Many experts, including ESPN Jeff Passan, believe that spring training opening on-time is in “grave danger”.

MLB’s lockout situation seems like a scenario where it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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  1. Looks like this season will consist of a weekly meeting pitting the millionaires vs billionaires. This at the expense if real baseball fans wanting to see on the field competition for their enjoyment.

    I suggest that you check and look for local baseball match ups in your area ( college, high school, American Legion, semi-pro, etc. ) to find teams playing mostly for pride and fun. And won’t cost a weekly paycheck to take the family along.

  2. I live in Az and look forward to spring training, there are a lot of people who come here for a few/couple of weeks to enjoy a spring training game they/we can afford. Owners who want more $ players are already getting millions to play a game, neither one of these groups gives a shit about the fans, the ones that have to make reservations months ago for RV parks and hotels, Greedy pricks

  3. The dollars are so astronomical that this is all mind boggling and the only ones that get hurt are we, the fans. Come to an agreement folks and let’s play baseball.

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