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MLB News: Los Angeles Angels Release Albert Pujols

All good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, in this case, there wasn’t a whole lot of good in it for the Angels. They gave out one of the largest MLB contracts to Albert Pujols back before the 2012 season and it didn’t pan out as they had hoped. 

Today, the Angels shocked the MLB world by releasing the future hall of fame first baseman. Pujols was in the final year of a deal that was worth $253 million. He was set to make $30 million for the 2021 season which will go towards a retained salary on their payroll.

The deal itself when announced by the Angels almost 10 years ago was questionable. Pujols had already started to see some steep declines in his numbers, and age wasn’t in his favor. Most teams around MLB that were rumored to be in on him were looking for a shorter term, but the Angels swooped in with 10 years. 

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All of that culminated in a disappointing .256/.311/.447 slash line for Pujols in his time with the Angels. He hit 222 homeruns with the team but never got them to the playoff success that they had hoped for. On the plus side, he did provide a veteran presence for young players reaching the MLB level. 

Given that the Angels released him and he did not retire, it’s entirely possible that Pujols will still look for a job this year. He offers almost nothing on the defensive side of the ball and very little with his bat anymore, so it’s tough to see a team taking a risk. But he could make sense for a rebuilding AL team that needs his veteran leadership. 

Best of luck Albert, you were always fun to watch. 

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  1. Story on net is Maddon had Pujols on lineup last nite against a pitcher that Pujols had a lifetime BA over .500 with. Front Office overruled Maddon and pulled him from lineup. Pujols got angry and DFA was the result?

  2. I think the fact that he was hemming and hawing over wanting to play beyond this year was probably a factor as well Technically his Angels contract was up, but maybe he was looking for a goodwill extension and they felt it was better to cut now than get sucked into that circus. I still think he signs a short contract with the Cardinals and then retires.I know he was bitter they didn’t do more to keep him, but we have all see how it worked out. His contract and the one the Mariners gave Cano were the death knell for players getting big contracts in their 30s. It’s a shame that an entire decade of new fans will only remember Albert as the guy who could barely run to first base most days. His first decade was a thing of beauty.

  3. Brook – another typo. should have read 2012 rather than 2021… “They gave out one of the largest MLB contracts to Albert Pujols back before the 2021 season ”

    As for Fat Al, I always got a rise out of my Angel-fan friends relishing Pujols sad tale of woe. what an albatross around Mike Trou’s career! Way to go Arte

  4. Dodgers should get him..he has hit 5 home runs .. He would be our 2nd hr leader.. Only two pairs of batting over 250.. should dfa our whole Dodger team..

  5. Sign him, he would be good for the all the young guys… Also takes some of the pressure off of Turner and Kershaw as mentors….. Albert is a great clubhouse guy! Right now we suck so go and get him, it can not kill us any more then we have done over the last 20 games!

  6. He will not come to Dodgers. Pujols still sees himself as a full Time player and he couldn’t do that with Dodgers

  7. Any team would be insane to sign uphold. If the dodgers sign him. (Which they won’t) I’d no longer be a dodger fan. You guys are stupid wanting them to sign him. He’s done!

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