MLB News: Medical Protocol Proposal to Players Released

MLB and the player’s union have been working together this week trying to get baseball going again. And while the two sides are still far apart on the financial side of things, it appears they have things figured out health-wise. 

The Athletic obtained a lengthy health and safety protocol proposal today that was sent out to the player’s union fro approval. Among many things in the packet, MLB wanted to ensure that property testing was able to take place for players and staff. Here are some of the highlights from the proposed health protocols that were highlighted by The Athletic. 

On-field Rules

  • Lineups will be input into an application, no exchanges at home plate
  • The ball will be changed out any time it is put in play and touched by another player aside from the catcher and pitcher
  • Fielders are encouraged to step away from baserunners when the ball is hit out of play

League Testing

  • MLB Player, managers, coaches, and umpires will be tested on a regular basis with some testing done on the limited essential staff
  • Anyone without symptoms will still be given daily temperature checks twice a day
  • Players with a temperature above 100 degrees will not be permitted to enter team facilities 

MLB Spring Training/Facility Use

  • No spitting, smokeless tobacco, or sunflower seed use is permitted at any time.
  • Players on the field should wash/sanitize hands between each half-inning or after the handling of any equipment
  • Showering discouraged at the team facilities 
  • Spring Training games in Arizona and Florida will begin at 7 pm and 9pm to address the concern of heat

There are plenty of other proposed protocols that MLB has sent over to the union, and you can read all about those over at The Athletic. The league has made sure that health and safety are a priority, so this is a great first step in making sure players and staff are taken care of. The only question remaining in whether or not the two sides will be able to come together on financial terms now. 

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