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MLB News: Mike Trout Signs Record Deal with Anaheim Angels

The heartbreaking news of the day is that Mike Trout will likely never be a Dodger. The star outfielder is reportedly signing a long-term extension with the Angels that would give him the largest MLB contract ever, and keep him in Orange County until he is 39-years-old.

Dodgers fans have long dreamed of Trout swimming upstream to Chavez Ravine, but alas. Trout will stay in Anaheim for the foreseeable future as the Angels lock down their fan favorite. And it could not come soon enough, as his contract had just a year remaining after the 2019 season. Trout will likely play alongside Shohei Ohtani for a long time, as the two will no doubt be the faces of the franchise for a long time.

Trout is a career 307 hitter and has averaged a +9 WAR in every full season that he has played. He generally gives the Halos an on-base percentage well above the 400 mark, and an OPS+ of 175 on average. Trout has already earned two MVP awards, a Rookie of the Year award, six Silver Sluggers, and seven All-Star selections.

He is one of the greatest to play the game, and when his career wraps up he may be the greatest ever. To say he is deserving of $430 million deal would be the understatement of the century. If anything, getting him at around $36 million a year is a steal for the Angels.

The best part about this deal? Bryce Harper and the Phillies don’t get him. Well done Anaheim, now please get this man to the playoffs so we can see what he’s capable of.




  1. The Angels had to sign him or become more irrelevant than they already are. The terrible Pujos contract is almost over so the team will have some money to spend. They desperately need a healthy pitching staff.

    Arte Moreno needs to let his baseball people make decisions. Their latest GM so far has made reasonable moves but Moreo had allowed the Minor League system to be devoid of talent for years.

    If they stick to their recent plan with good drafts they should be competitive in a couple of years. I certainly hope so as Trout should be in the playoffs. He is one of the best players I have ever seen and I am 68…

  2. Im also 68 yrs old–Been an Angel fan since 1961—I would have traded him–Yes he is one of the greatest ever-But Ill bet we could have gotten 10 players–great players-For him that would have made us comeptative today and for another 5 or more years–Maybe even the Phillies and surely from the Dodgers—Lets be Honest at $430 million dollars Trout will handcuff the Angels for years to come–How about this trade–Ross Strippling-Dustin May-Julio Urias-Yimi Garcia-Brock Stewart-Tony Gonsolin-Keibert Ruiz-Joc Pederson-Andrew Toles- Gavin Lux—Trouts contract would pay ALL of there salaries and 5 of those could be ALL STARS and maybe more–Note all are young too

    1. Ray I agree with you as far as the team is concerned. I am a Dodger Guy but followed the Angels also especially during the Dodger McCourt years and am a big fan of Mike Sciocia’s.

      If they traded Trout away don’t you think it would have been a public relations disaster? I think Moreno felt they had to do it to keep people in the seats and their TV ratings up.

      Have you read anymore about the Angles talking to Long Beach regarding the city building a new stadium near the Marina or is that all postering to get a better deal?

      1. Hello tmaxter. I briefly heard about a potential move to Long Beach but Calif. as I was told has the highest taxes in the U.S. So IDK. But at first glance here, it has to be more about the $$$$ with Trout because still, he will most likely waste his prime years with an Angel team that does not appear to be PS bound for some time. So who knows when he will ever play in a meaningful PS, let alone a WS for the foreseeable future.

        1. Well Paul CA has high taxes unless you are a Corporation then not so much just like everywhere else in the US and the Angels are a corporation.

          The Angels are in a dispute with the Stadium in Anaheim and have been for quite a few years. Their contract is almost up and they were shopping around to see who else might give them a better deal or at least have suitors to better negotiate with Anaheim. I had read Long Beach just up the road had made a potential offer but I have not read anything else on it since.

          As Trout is not very active on social media we never knew if playing on a competitive team or close to his home state was important to him. The answer is apparently not and follow the money…

          Trout is by his stats the best player of his generation as he blends hitting for power and average with very good defense. Always thought he would look great in Dodger blue and so glad he will not be in Phillie Red…

      2. It’s funny I was just talking to a friend about how I think that Long Beach location would be great for a ball game but for our Dodgers so they can get away from the east LA trash and be closer to the better part of the fan base which resides further south. But since they’ll likely never leave I think the Angels should go for it

  3. Tmaxter, I basically was referring to what taxes are for most individuals living in Calif, and that was one among several reasons why I moved out of So. Calif. in 2004. Someone on MLBN this AM said that Trout probably had talks with Angels about their plans to be more competitive and have better chances at PS play. But as Russo on High Heat and others have said, Trout may in any event be wasting his prime years on a team that is not yet ready to be competitive an make consistent PS appearances. Evidently as ya say he followed the money. Because can anyone honestly say the Angels are fit to be a PS contender in the near future? IDK but wss.

  4. I wanted to snag him long ago. People poo poo’d the idea. Well, he deserves every bit of praise, payroll, and success that comes his way! (And thank you for referring to the “Anaheim Angels”). 🙂

  5. I’m glad he is staying with the Angels……but since they are hampered by the Pujols deal through 2021 gulp, difficult to see them competing until he leaves…..but it sure would have been interesting to see how much money he (Trout) would have commanded on the open market.

    1. I believe I heard Tout’s deal was 20% or more of the team’s total payroll. But as I said yesterday he chased the $$$$ because in his right mind he must know the Angels are not going to get past the Astros in the Division. heck they may not even get by the A’s.

  6. I couldn’t be happier for a guy who deserves everything he can get! I’m particularly pleased that I won’t have to endure months of Free Agent crap from every writer and sports outlet. What a blessing! I just hope the Dodgers are able to do the same in a few years for Seager. GO BLUE!

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