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MLB News: MLBPA Rejects League’s Proposal for International Draft

The MLB and the MLBPA have recently been in talks about increasing the guaranteed money for top international athletes. The MLB submitted a final offer on Sunday, but both sides seem very far apart according to sources. 

A proposal sent out in March guaranteed a $181 million pool for the top 600 international players drafted, but the MLBPA’s submission on Sunday asked for a $10 million increase to $191 million. The first counter proposed by the MLBPA was on July 8 asking for at-least $261 million. 

It’s looking more likely that a deal won’t get done. An MLB spokesperson released a statement on the current situation (quotes via Alden González, ESPN).

“MLB worked to reach an agreement with the MLBPA to reform the international amateur system in ways that would address longstanding challenges and benefit future players. We are disappointed the MLBPA chose the status quo over transitioning to an international draft that would have guaranteed future international players larger signing bonuses and better educational opportunities while enhancing transparency to best address the root causes of corruption in the current system.”

If the international draft is agreed to, teams losing draft picks for signing mid to upper tier free agents every offseason would go away. If no offer is agreed to, the system of losing draft picks and international market pool would remain the same.

This only provides more worry across the industry of widespread corruption. 

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