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MLB News: New Report Could Be Light at the End of the Lockout Tunnel

The MLB and the MLBPA have made little progress towards a new CBA. Even scheduling a meeting to discuss the parameters of a deal between the two parties has been a challenge.

However, Sunday’s paper brought a sliver of hope to baseball fans’ doorsteps and inboxes.

Per USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, there will be movement in the CBA talks, whether good or bad, in January.

“MLB currently is working on a new set of proposals that it plans to present to the MLBPA within the next two weeks.”

Not to get ahead ourselves, but presenting something to an individual or group typically implies a meeting. Even if it’s a Zoom meeting. At least there will be some sort of formal communication between the MLB and the MLBPA.

Talks have been very slow to develop and the new set of proposals could spurn progress.

Evan Drellich of The Athletic and Jeff Passan of ESPN both reported that the MLB is working on submitting “core economic proposals” to the MLBPA.

Like most labor disputes, it all comes down to money. There’s a laundry list of contentious monetary topics that will need to be hashed out.

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The MLBPA would like to increase the luxury tax, address service time manipulation, reduce service time needed to become a free agent, and disincentivize teams from intentionally fielding non-competitive teams. Keep in mind, that’s the short version.

The MLB owners, as you might have guessed, don’t view those important issues through the same prism.

Perhaps this will be the month the MLB and MLBPA start seeing eye to eye.

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  1. Lost all respect for Manfred in his handling of the Astros cheating their way to a pennant. He should not have allowed the Astros to keep the pennant or trophy. It’s a slap in the face to all hard working players and a black eye to baseball in general. The fine against the Astro owners was laughable. They make more than that selling peanuts. Time for a new commissioner.

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