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MLB News: Players React to League’s Smear Campaign

The war of words between the league and the MLBPA is heating up. On Thursday, MLB requested federal mediation for future CBA negotiations. In a statement on Friday, the MLBPA declined the request. Players took to Twitter to let their personal thoughts known.

Former Dodgers pitcher Max Scherzer, who’s one of the eight players on the MLBPA executive committee, kept it short and sweet.

Another member of the committee, James Paxton provided his own words of wisdom along with the hashtag “ #AtTheTable”.

Former Dodgers starter Alex Wood also utilized the hashtag in a frustrated Twitter post.

“#AtTheTable” is in reference to the fact MLB owners did not, as previously communicated to the MLBPA, bring an offer to the table in the latest bargaining session and then, requested a mediator to help speed up the process. The MLBPA contends that a “timely agreement” can be constructed with just two parties, at the table: MLB and the MLBPA.

As always, the colorful Dallas Braden also provided his thoughts on what has been an alarmingly unproductive week of bargaining sessions.

The Giants Trevor Hildenberger clearly believes a picture is worth a thousand words.

The smoldering acrimony between the two parties all but dooms spring training starting on time this month.

This was a predictable turn. MLB proposes an unpopular idea as a solution, waits for the MLBPA to condemn the idea, and then publicly vilifies the players for holding up the CBA negotiations.

Clearly, the players aren’t having it.

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  1. Everyone wants a fair wage, business practices,benefits, and job security. But, please, the greed of athletes making fairy-tail incomes because of their physical abilities and always wanting more, while the bulk of citizens struggle to make ends meet, is truly disturbing. Most of these players will make more in one year that an average citizen will make in 10 years. Sure, we love the entertainment baseball provides and appreciate the long history our “national sport”, along with other professional sports, provides but, truly, we can ultimately due without them – and that is something the players ,as employees, should remember.

  2. I’m with the players, how could anyone survive with the paltry pay they receive.

  3. Yet another attempt by Rob “I hate baseball and want to kill it” Manfred to try and make negotiations a unilateral arrangement, all of it under his control, rules, and ideas. This is not bargaining, it is a dictatorship by Manfred.

    If he really wanted it to move forward, he would never have said he’d come back with a counteroffer, and than have none but a request for mediation. If he wanted mediation, he should have said that when he saw he wasn’t going to work with the MLBPA last proposal. At least that might ave been in good faith. This was not. Clearly.

  4. Golly those big bad owners invest billions of dollars to buy a business (baseball team) and then are expected to accept the demands of their their employees?? The owners can survive without baseball. The players can’t. In fact they can be easily replaced.

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