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MLB News: Player’s Union Not Impressed With League’s Latest Proposal

Time is very quickly running out for Major League Baseball and the Player’s Union to get a deal done. With Spring Training’s start date just around the corner, there is plenty of doubt that MLB will get it together with enough time to get things going as scheduled. 

Today, MLB once again met with the MLBPA to present a proposal. The two sides met in New York with lawyers from the Player’s Union in attendance. The meeting reportedly lasted for about an hour before the two sides once again broke away after discussing core economic details of a possible new CBA. 

Per The Athletic’s Evan Drellich, the Union was not impressed with what MLB had proposed. One main component of the discussions had to do with the league minimum salary, which the Player’s Association wants to be up near $775,000. 

“On league minimum salary, MLB made two proposals. One for a flat amount of $630,000 (and teams could pay more if they wish). Or tiered proposal with an increase in year 3: now, $615k for 0-1 service time, $650k for 1-2 yrs, $725k for 2-3 yrs. Increase is in 2-3: used to be 700k.” – Evan Drellich

MLB also reportedly offered some changes to tax penalties in the new deal. That does give some hope as the desire from the players is to change the way that teams approach spending. But the 130-page proposal did not address service time or revenue sharing, which are focal points for the union in negotiations. 

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So while it’s progress that the two sides are talking, it’s tough to be hopeful about the season starting on time. It seems like a foregone conclusion at this point that Spring Training will be delayed, as pitchers and catchers were expected to report in the coming days. 

There is progress, but it’s happening far too slowly. 

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