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MLB News: Poll Indicates Fans Would Like To See Continued Home Run Surge In 2020

Right now, I miss the crack of the bat. Equally important, I miss home runs.

According to a recent poll ran by SportsNet LA, a large majority of fans agree with me. The poll asks whether or not fans would like to see the continued home run surge across MLB continue in 2020. Take a look at the results in the tweet below:

An astonishing 61 percent of fans indicated that ‘yes’, they would like to see an increase in home runs in 2020 compared to just 39 percent answering ‘no’.

Remember, this past season saw the 2019 Los Angeles Dodgers set a National League record for home runs. Furthermore, Major League Baseball admitted in June that there was a difference in the baseballs being used in play.

Somehow, baseball delivered upon what the fans wanted to see; if you are using this small-sample size poll as any indicator.

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Honestly, what in sports is more exciting than a home run? An alley-oop dunk? A touchdown? I can’t say those things bring adrenaline to the heart muscle more than that of a ball leaving the bat and landing in the seats at over 100 miles per hour. However, I am bias to a degree and I admit that.

Still, it’s interesting to note the findings of this poll.

How do you feel about the increased home run surge in baseball? Do you want to see more home runs in 2020, or would you like to see the game return to saturated power numbers? Let us know int the comments below.

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  1. The Dodger pitching staff oddly enough allowed the fewest HR’s in 2019 with 185, which even in today’s game is a lot. But then i saw that only 3 teams in the NL allowed fewer than 200. I am OK with the power surge but also I hope Dodger staff can minimize the amount given up.

  2. I’d rather see steroids than mlb alter the ball that’s used to play the game

  3. New MLB poll suggests fans want the Dodgers to spend some money, trade some chips and get a shut down #3 starter, a right handed bat that can actually hit, and a lead off hitter that deserves to be paid!

  4. If you bring back a real baseball, we’ll see more real baseball, like bunts, stolen bases, infield singles, sacrifices, hitting away from the shift, etc . The current home run derby MLB deemphasizes athleticism, speed, and baseball smarts. It’s the same thing for every hitter, even the lead off guys, swing for the fence. Hit a home run or strike out. It doesn’t make the game more interesting to me. It makes it monotonous. I’d rather see some guys like Maury Wills, Davey Lopes, Brett Butler, and even Dave Roberts, when he played. Today’s games are too one dimensional. But if the Dodgers win a world series by hitting alot of home runs, I guess I could handle that OK.

    1. Pretty much the way I see it also. The homer happy inability to manufacture runs , when they need one the most is the reason they fail in big postseason games. So many times our leadoff guy gets on to lead off a inning, never makes it past 2- nd. Bell is the only guy that can stea!l bases, but he’s usually hitting 3 rd or 4 th and there’s always 1 or 2 outs, because they never have a leadoff guy that gets on. My belief is this generation of players can’t do these basic fundamentals. Like you said, rather than try for contact and a gap, they’ re trying to Homer and strike out on off speed junk in the dirt. Anyone who has watched this team knows what I’m saying!!

  5. I think the home run or strike out games are boring. I very seldom watch most of a game anymore. I also think the desingnated hitter for the AL should be ended.

  6. I want more balls in play. Nothing but homers and strikeouts make for boring baseball. There was a time when striking out and hitting under .250 was embarrassing but not anymore. I love watching defensive plays, stolen bases, hit and runs, bunting etc because it simply makes the game more interesting.

    1. Totally agree. Much more entertaining watching a Rally then an HR ball. The main reason the Dodgers swing for the fences is Roberts isn’t smart enough to stage a rally. Any rally the Dodgers had last year was usually quelled by a batter swinging for the fences and striking out, then walking to the dugout staring at the pitcher who just struck him out.

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