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MLB News: Red Sox Cheating Investigation Reportedly Delayed, Dodgers Left Waiting

It looks like the Dodgers and the rest of the league will have to continue to wait and see what happens with the Boston Red Sox. Teams have been waiting to find out the implications of alleged cheating after the Astros were torn apart by the league earlier this year.

The league had let teams know that the investigation would be completed in February, and a verdict was soon to come. That got pushed to the early weeks of March as there was reportedly more to look at, and now there is another delay. The Coronavirus, which has swept across media channels this month, is the reason for the holdup.

The Dodgers will be interested to find out what happens with Boston since they have former players on their team. Mookie Betts and David Price were on the team when Alex Cora was manager, and that is supposedly the part being investigated. Cora was part of the Astros’ coaching team during their 2017 World Series run, which was tainted by the infamous sign-stealing scandal. The Red Sox have since let Cora go in the wake of the Astros’ punishments handed down by the league. 

The league has been very careful in handling the coronavirus outbreak. Teams have been briefed on hygiene and the best ways to avoid sickness, including the Dodgers last week. Teams have also started limiting access to locker rooms, allowing in only non-essential personnel. That means media will be barred from locker rooms for the moment. 

The Astros investigation took 62 days, but Tuesday is day 64 of the investigation into the Red Sox.

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  1. Since the only precedence set to this type of cheating has been the suspension of the manager, and since Cora is gone, MLB feels punishment has been dealt. Nothing further.

  2. I guess MLB can’t multitask? Interesting. Sounds like they are gun shy to pull the trigger based on all the heat they got from Astros fallout. I can’t believe MLB wants this unresolved once season starts.

  3. I can’t believe that MLB will let this investigation and eventual punishments go all the way to the regular season starting. This should have been put behind us way before now. Come on MLB, get with it!

  4. Suspension of the manager is not the only punishment MLB handed down. They also suspended the GM, fined the team $5 million, and docked them first and second round draft picks for the next two years.

  5. Nothing to see here, just finishing up sweeping this scandal under the Rug in the Commissioner’s office

  6. F U Cora you’re a disgrace to the Dodgers cheating your former team two years in a row the team that drafted you out of college and kept your .230 hitting a** for 7 seasons

    1. Cora is a disgrace. He brought his cheating craft to the Astros along with the Beltran who was with the Yankees. All these players move around and bring their trade secrets to their new teams. Some GMs have said this permeated throughout MLB. MLB did clamp down in 2019 by putting personnel in every clubhouse to monitor teams.

  7. The Astros were “torn apart” according to this article. How? There was no action whatsoever against the players who cheated. Their 2017 title wasn’t taken way. They weren’t torn apart. They incentivized to cheat even more. Every other team out there had also been given a clear message. Go ahead and cheat. None of your players will be punished. You get to keep any title you cheat your way into. Any awards like MVP will also stand.

    1. Can’t believe stupid owners are not forcing commissioner to fix the problem or resign.

    2. Torn apart by losing their manager and GM. Losing first and second round picks the next two years and fined the maximum allowed of 5 million. Unprecedented punishment for MLB. Horrible P.R. for the Astros. Without immunity to the players, none of this would have come out. MLB players would have kept all the cheating secret.

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