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MLB News: Red Sox Scandal Wrapping Up, Astros Issue Apologies, And Baseball Has the Terms to Start Baseball!

MLB got a little bit of good news and a little more bad news this week with plenty of new agreements. The Player’s Union came together with the league to discuss terms of the hiatus, we well as the terms as to how baseball could get started.

One of the most pressing matters in MLB before the COVID-19 pandemic was the Red Sox heating scandal, and that investigation is wrapped up. Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed that the report was done and was pending action.

MLB News: Commissioner Completes Red Sox Investigation, Decision Coming

Speaking of cheaters, we got to hear from the Astros a little more this week. While some players in the organization already issued their own public apologies, this time we got one from a lawyer. Josh Reddick, on the other hand, is just pouring gasoline on the fire. 

Dodgers News: Baseball Has Agreement on When Games Can Be Played

In more exciting news, baseball also came to terms on the conditions in which playing can return. Among those conditions were that COVID-19 has to be under control enough to warrant crowds.

Dodgers News: Baseball Has Agreement on When Games Can Be Played

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  1. If the season is cancelled, the Astros win. Their ban will now only be a one year draft ban.

  2. I agree that some things need to be fixed with regard to the one year draft ban of the Astros. But I would be happiest if the following things ensued:
    1. The Astros claim to the 2017 World Championship be vacated.
    2. That each player be requested by the Commissioner to surrender their World Series rings, which they unambiguously did not earn.
    3. They each player publicly and sincerely ask for forgiveness to the League and to the LA Dodgers in particular, using the word “cheating.” (i.e. “Yes, I cheated,” not palliatives like “I made a mistake,” or “I erred,” “I blundered,” “I blew it,” “I kicked a ground ball,” etc.
    The integrity of the game is at stake; what’s less than these things is tantamount to justifying the cheat. And let the Dodgers heartily forgive them, too!

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