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MLB News: Reds’ Jesse Winker Has a Hilarious Encounter with a Mets Fan

On Friday night, the Cincinnati Reds played the New York Mets at Citi Field. This means a lot of passionate Mets fans attended the game, including one particular fan who caught Jesse Winker’s eye. A young fan named Kyle sitting in the outfield had a sign that said, “Jesse Winker you’re a straight-up b****.”

Winker decided he wanted the sign.

According to the young fan’s TikTok, Winker saw the sign and asked the fan to give it to him, but that did not end up happening. Apparently, the security ripped up the sign because of the profanity that was written on it. The fan still has the torn-up sign.

However, that is not where the night ended for this young fan. Winker, later on, gave the fan a signed ball with a message that said, “Loved the sign. I’m collecting them this year. Thanks for coming out to the game. Glad fans are back.”

Although the announcers mention the sign is in Winker’s collection, it is not thanks to the ushers.

The Reds ended up winning the game 6-2, capping off a big night for Jesse Winker. He found a way to make his biggest hater remember him forever. Nothing beats getting a signed baseball, especially from the one player you hate most.

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