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MLB News: Rob Manfred Discusses Astros Scandal at Press Conference

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated]

As MLB commissioner Rob Manfred continues his attempt to save face after his failed actions surrounding the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal and subsequent punishment.

Here is a timeline of tweets from the press conference with tweets added for additional context. More analysis will be provided throughout the day.

First, Manfred addressed his World Series trophy comment that caused a wave of frustration amongst players (not on the cheating Astros).

On added punishment — which would still allow the players immunity for their actions — in the form of vacating the Astros 2017 World Series title, Manfred continued to be unwilling to consider the notion.

When talking about video and access for players, the commish quickly contradicted himself.

Of course, the “Codebreaker” system wasn’t revealed in the original report…

Manfred touched on players speaking out…

And then threw the player’s union under the bus.

Manfred on Mike Fiers for his efforts in blowing the lid on this scandal.

And bean balls coming for the Astros in 2020.

Then the commissioner straight made Astros players — Carlos Correa for one — liars about the trash cans into and through the playoffs.

Final thoughts

This post will continue to be updated.

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  1. So, the MLBPA protects the cheaters simply because they’re union members. Maybe its time for JayZ to form the Professional Baseball Players Association. The Astro players can stay in the MLBPA…

  2. It would seem obvious…
    Manfred is not a man, errr, not a baseball man. He holds players and the game itself in utter contempt. His actions are of a typical cookie-cutter shill CEO trained to view the product, the workers and customers as simply dollar signs. He has no value attached to integrity either.

    Bart Giamatti DIED because of how it hurt him to come down on Pete Rose. But he did it because he loved the game and what lessons playing inside the rules rewards the players with. Self respect and respect for others who hold the same values.

    Manfred issued yet another after-the-fact double speak “oh, what i meant to say was…” statements that took days to draft. So either he is perhaps the most ignorant commissioner MLB has ever seen or flat out trying to deceive the game itself. Yes, he has moved close to making this about himself. He needs fired for incompetence or impotence of effectiveness or both.

    Hell, he wants to push to automate baseball with robots calling games…might as well be a Chevy assembly line in Detroit. Think of the money that will save the MLB and how much more impersonal and efficient the game will be rendering all parts fungible…and cheaper…

  3. Man-up Manfred. You give immunity to protect those that do wrong, but what are you doing to protect those that play the game the right way??? You should run office in California. You have cameras and instant reply to overturn a bad call to protect the integrity of the game.
    Fine, give them immunity, but vacate the championship.

  4. Manfred knows that if there is no winner of the 2017 WS the betting world will go crazy! People will want their fortunes back, bookies will have to go into hiding, people will get hurt. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Vegas” warned him not to do it.

  5. Everyone needs to lay off of Rob Manfred. I thought he did a perfect job squashing this Astros cheating controversy. What else was he supposed to do? No one can go back to change history. And I thought Astros players apologies were very genuine, from Marwin, Morton, Altuve, and Bergman (he almost cried when he apologized that showed some honest sincerity). Most of all Jim Crane really stood up for the team, he took all criticisms from the media, did not back down once, apologized like a real man. That took guts. I have a lot more respect for Jim Crane now more than ever. This is an owner and a team with honor. Stop the insult. All the bitter Dodgers fans are like cry babies. Instead of doing soul searching on how badly they performed in the 2017 World Series, they want to use the opponent cheating as an excuse for the Dodgers players own failure. If the Astros can apologize with dignity like they’ve shown, Dodgers players must publicly admit their own failure with dignity.

    1. I would have to disagree with you. Crane and the press conference were terrible. The Astros were a lot better in the clubhouse. They seemed sincere, but most people didn’t see that part. The media is pushing a narrative to make the Astros look as bad as possible. The real story is how pervasive cheating was in 2017. The public is buying the narrative.There have been articles written about how widespread it was, but they get no traction. It’s a shame some teams got away with cheating so far.

  6. *****************************************************************************************************************************************************2017 WS*************2017 MVP*************************************************

  7. Fast Check. I do not know if you have ever played baseball at an elite level but if a professional Mlb batter knows what pitch is coming he has a HUGE advantage…period! Some games are won with one swing of the bat like Kirk Gibson’s home run in the 88 WS that turned the whole series around. Other Mlb players have voiced similar comments. It’s not just the opinion of Dodger fans that the penalties given to the Astros organization was not in harmony with justice for the crime committed. I feel bad for all involved, the Dodgers, Astros and players, fans, and their organizations

  8. Manfred is a big joke. Everyone inside baseball knows 8-11 teams were involved. Rosenthal in the original Fiers article stated it was a league wide problem. The NYY were one of the biggest cheaters of them all. Beltrán came from there and told the Astros they were behind the times. Manfred wants this to blow away quickly. More will eventually come out. MLB is not being honest.

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