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MLB News: Ryan Braun Gains 10-5 Rights, Would Still Approve L.A.

Ryan Braun has had a partial no-trade clause which essentially protected him from being dealt to a non-West team or cold climate. Those protections have been expanded.

Braun gained 10-and-5 rights Sunday, meaning he’s a 10-year vet who’s spent at least five seasons with the same organization. The label gives him a full no-trade clause.

In reality, gaining 10-and-5 means little in Braun’s situation, especially in regards to the Dodgers. If Miami or Arizona – two teams spared by Braun’s previous clause – wanted to acquire him, perhaps Braun has a change of heart and rejects it. Outside such a scenario unfolding, the upgraded protection doesn’t make a significant difference.

Milwaukee is off to an excellent start at 21-17. The Brewers lead the MLB with 63 homers, which to this point has helped them overcome a struggling pitching staff. Braun is currently on the disabled list with an injured calf, but Milwaukee’s success without him only adds to the trade rumors.

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L.A. is often speculated, and Braun admittedly sees appeal in playing for his hometown team, but the timing doesn’t make as much sense as it once did. The Dodgers lost Andrew Toles for the season, but that opens up a consistent spot for raking rookie Cody Bellinger once Adrian Gonzalez returns from the DL.

Financial ramifications and prospect cost are a deeper discussion, but on the surface it appears L.A. can wait on the trade front. The team’s depth has withstood injuries and despite a slow start, it’s now just 1.5 games back of the division lead.

Jon Morosi reported the Dodgers and Brewers maintained dialogue on Braun, though Heyman disagreed.

I talked with J.R. Hernandez about Braun on his latest “Angry Dodgers Fan” podcast. I opined Morosi’s report was a leak from Milwaukee’s side. The podcast can be heard below:

There are plentiful internal options for the Dodgers. It’s likely they exhaust those before re-visiting a previously failed trade.

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  1. Absolutely NOT! Braun is not needed, nor wanted to wear Dodger Blue! Isn’t that nice, that he will ok a trade to LA. The Dodgers will save him the trouble; they won’t talk trade at all!…..I know, sports writers need readers; to get readers they must write…….and so on, and so on.

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