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MLB News: Super Agent Scott Boras Demands a Return of Baseball

Who has more to lose from a lost season of baseball than Scott Boras? No one, that’s who. MLB’s super-agent had six of his clients sign big contracts this past offseason, totaling over $1 billion in contract sums. 

Those six Boras agents were set to make a total of $139 million in 2020, and that doesn’t include all of the other contracts he has in MLB. A typical sports agent makes anywhere from four to ten percent off of a player’s contract, so in the worst-case scenario, Boras loses almost $14 million this year alone. If he only makes four percent, he would lose $5.5 million. 

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So it makes sense that Boras, as much as anyone in the world. would want baseball to get going as soon as possible. In a piece published by the NY Times, Boras expressed the urgency for MLB to move things along quickly.

The first step is to return the players to spring training-style camps as soon as possible. Players want to be with their teams now, safely preparing for the season…

While Boras wants to get the season going, he also knows that MLB players need the necessary time to prepare. If we can’t get a firm start date for Opening Day, Boras at least wants his players to be able to properly prepare.

Even before we know when, where and how we will have an Opening Day, we should give players the chance to ramp up for Major League competition. Like many others, they are doing their best to make things work without access to the ballparks that are their “offices.” But the best basement batting cage or backyard mound can’t give world-class hitters and pitchers the game-speed preparation they need.

Obviously there is some level of personal gain for Boras in getting baseball going, but it doesn’t make his concerns any less valid. MLB will need to eventually provide players with enough time to prepare, to avoid injuries, and to get ready for the grind of a season. 

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  1. IMHO, sports agents have about the same moral character as Mexican Police. They are in the same group as ambulance chasers and team owners, in that it is all about the dollars.

  2. The minute I give a rats A$$ about ANYTHING that Scott BOR-A$$ has to say about anything, will be the day after Cody Bellinger re-signs with the Dodgers without a drawn out battle by BOR-A$$ just because he thinks he can. He is the antithesis of a “good guy!”

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