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MLB News: Trevor Bauer Confirms Pickup Game Will Be Streamed

The sandlot style pickup game that Cincinatti Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer is organizing is apparently still on. Not only that, but Bauer confirmed on Twitter that he believes the game will be live-streamed.

Bauer set the Twitter world on fire with the tweet yesterday asking if any players wanted to jump in. Within an hour, the tweet already had over five-hundred responses, albeit mostly from fans. So many major league players responded, letting Bauer know they were all in.

Even players in Florida that could not make it let Bauer know that they were in full support of the game. Rays’ left-hander Blake Snell said, “Wish I was in AZ, I’d be down…”. The Dodgers’ own Jerry Hairston Jr had a hilarious reply to the thread.

Whether or not Major League Baseball and it’s owners are going to allow this remains to be seen. There has not been any backlash so far, and it seems like Bauer has been hard at work to make it happen. He confirmed that the game will be streamed through Momentum, a player-driven platform on Youtube.  

We’ll keep you updated on the game as he continues to release new information.

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