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MLB News: Yasiel Puig Received Offers, But Does Not Think There Will Be a 2020 Season

Its been a wild ride for Yasiel Puig since the Dodgers traded him to Cincinnatti back in December of 2018. He’s been in brawls, watched his numbers bounce all over, and been traded to the Indians while he was in the middle of a fight.

More recently, LA analyst — and former teammate — Jerry Hairston Jr compared him to Michael Jordan for an interesting reason

Now, Puig is a long-tenured free agent and hopeful to sign a contract before baseball starts… but also doesn’t believe that baseball will be played in 2020.

We hope to play in 2021. I don’t think there will be baseball in 2020, but if there is, we will be in some team. I have to stay positive. If the coronavirus has not made me negative, nothing will make me negative.

Puig recently did an interview with Jorge Ebro of El Nuevo Herald, where he talked about his plans to play in 2020. Puig also talked about offers that he had already received to play prior to the coronavirus shutting down the season. 

The Miami Marlins were one of the teams to offer a contract, confirmed by Puig in the interview. He turned down the offer though, hoping for a larger deal in exchange for playing in front of a Cuban-heavy fanbase. Puig felt that playing in front of his countrymen would place unrealistic expectations on him in Miami. 

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The San Francisco Giants were another team that was rumored to be in on Puig this year, though he makes no mention of them in the interview. The Giants re-signed veteran Hunter Pence in the offseason, leaving many to wonder if there was a place for Yasiel. 

Last year was an interesting year for Puig in his first season away from the Dodgers. He slashed .267/.327/.458 in 149 games between the Reds and the Indians. He also hit 24 home runs, but struck out more time than he ever has in his career. 

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  1. Puig is still an uncreditable talent with enormous upside.. I honestly believe his issues have more to do with mind-over-matter than athleticism. This is common among high achievers. But, with that being said, its equally fair to recognize that if its not overcome, he won’t first if-he-only-had to take the plunge into darkness..

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