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MLB: Padres Reportedly Looking at Ozzie Guillen, Mike Scioscia Among Others for Managerial Opening

Remember the Padres? They’re a talented team that took October off after struggling to a 79-83 record in a season where much, much more was expected of them. After a disappointing season, the club fired manager Jayce Tingler after two seasons at the helm. 

Now, San Diego is on the hunt for a new skipper and the list of candidates is getting deep.

On Tuesday, the big revelation was that the Padres already interviewed former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen last week. The 57-year-old last managed in 2012 with the Marlins — his lone season with Miami. For 8 seasons prior, he led Chicago White Sox to a 678-617 record and a World Series title in 2005.

Guillen would bring experience to a gig that has desperately lacked that over the last decade or so in San Diego.

Among other names floated around in rumors and reports are former Detroit and Anaheim manager (and former Dodger catcher) Brad Ausmus, recently dismissed Cardinals’ skipper Mike Shildt, and one-and-done Mets manager Luis Rojas who managed New York this past season.

Another name that was picked up in the rumor winds was former Angels manager and long-time Dodgers catcher Mike Scioscia. The 62-year-old just came off managing team USA to a silver medal in the 2020 Olympics. Scioscia managed the Angels for 19 seasons, winning a World Series in Anaheim in 2002. He was also part of two Dodgers title teams as a player under the late, great Tommy Lasorda.

One thing is certain for San Diego and GM AJ Preller, he’s avoiding inexperience after hiring two first-time managers.

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  1. No experience? Does that explain the storied Cardinal hire of 35 yr old Oliver Marmol? Prediction…he doesn’t make it past the All-star break.

    Ozzie Guillen would be a perfect fit in SD if I fell was AJ Preller. He would be best to relate to Tatis/Machado for sure. I’d be shocked if doesn’t get hired.

    1. Those boys, Fernando and Manny, have got to be a handful.

      I think Manny does not like playing 2nd fiddle to Tatis…..

      On another note, very interesting to see the number of people ‘running away’ from the NY Mets. Speaks volumes….. Maybe another Marge Schott in the making over on the East Coast????


        1. Great ownership with horrible in game management. They should do something about that if they ever want a championship in a 162 game season that includes a parade

      1. Will be interesting to see just how Melvin handles Manny and Fernando. Pads need pitching for sure. They won’t be a threat with their current crop.

        My biggest fear is still the Giants. They have so much more financial flexibility than the Dodgers.

  2. Humility as a player can go a long way. I think that was a lot of San Diego’s problem. They thought they were just going to show up and the pennant was theirs. LA and SF never had that idea this year. Or in the past several years. They grinded day in and day out. The Padres had one pitcher that let people know he would win a Cy Young one day!! Yep they need a tough no nonsense manager. Hate to say this, but the Padres need a trade or 2 to shake things up; not just a new manager.

      1. He’s definitely on the hot seat this year…..

        Third time, may or may not be the charm for him.


  3. We should get Scoscia and Guggenheim should give him the green light to manage on his own without repercussion. Friedman can stick to just giving him the roster he needs to win

    1. Don, we can argue the point endlessly and there no way to prove Scioscia would be any better than Doc. Why hasn’t Scioscia been hired by any of the other 29 MLB teams if he was such a hot commodity? My father once told me “If you are good, they will find room for you!”

      If you think about that for a moment, I believe those words to speak volumes.

    1. I wouldn’t blame him one bit. I’m certainly not a fan of them either, well at least not in October!

  4. Well….I think Dave Roberts would look just great in a Pads uniform, he’s into the analytics, he’s a ‘yes man’ with loads of experience dealing with very talented players. He can take Prior and the rest of the so called ‘coaches’ and wanna bees…and the Dodgers can start out at the top and work their way down the list of FA’s to say goodbye to. CK, Kenley, Seager, Scherzer to start out with. Taylor is a must sign. I am still quite perplexed with Trea Turner’s failure to perform when it was ‘Showtime’. I’ve never seen any batter swing any every pitch. As soon as he won the trophy, he forgot to how to hit. And sorry boys, but the Scherzer dead arm thing….naw..he wanted to pitch game 7. Neither of the 2 Nats qualify as being Dodgers….and lastly, Dave Roberts, in all his years as manager of this team…(.as he never managed any other), proved once again that he hasn’t a clue how to deal with pitchers, starters or the guys sitting in the pen. The Dodger downfall started when Urias was pulled for Knebel against the Giants. And losing Muncy didn’t help either. Friedham was very honest in saying absolute nothing. It’s time to tighten up the belt and lose some weight. Yeah..DF4L…been a fan since they came to LA myself…and played the game too!

    1. Bayside, then you know my take on things. As much as I like Doc, I’d like to string him up for the NLCS. Absolutely unacceptable! That being said, I’ve also stated that, in-game decision making, while presumably not his strong suit, are not the sole attribute making up a good manager. Clear? It’s also understanding your players strengths and weaknesses, what makes them tick. This is an attribute exhibited by Dusty Baker, who in my opinion got a real raw deal with the Nats. I always a big Dusty fan while he was a Dodger. Even though I understand his wanting to be back in the game, I lost a lot of respect for him for taking the Cheaters job. I know I couldn’t do so with a clear conscience.

      Frankly I don’t care who manages as long as the Dodgers win. I will never let my personal feelings for someone cloud my perceived judgment of their performance. It’s always easy to point fingers and lay blame. IMO that’s the easy way out. Trying to dig and search for probable cause is much more complicated, again simply my opinion here.

      I respect everyone opinion whether I agree or disagree.

      1. I think that we can agree on many things as far as the Dodgers are concerned and I appreciate you writing back. I guess that even though the team had a great year by numbers, I found it a very frustrating year as far as how it was managed and Robert’s continued mistakes when it came down to using his pitchers, which is what he does…uses them. Watching him during the playoffs it looked to me as if he was lost, whether in his thoughts or he had brain fatigue. He is just human and the last 2 month’s schedule was beyond a grind. It was a tough year playing catch up and I don’t think that the Dodgers should have been the team to catch up but rather to lead. When the attitude is to “win the World Series” as Dave said many times, I always felt that it was most important to win the game that they are playing. One game at a time. DR always seemed to think that losing a game here or there was not important as the team would be in the WS again and the Giants would breakdown. I have to point the finger at the Manager as he is the one calling the shots. It’s his chess game…and he doesn’t need to read the opinions in Dodger Nation or the LA Times. Who are we? We are the ones who live and breath Dodger Blue. We care. We voice our opinions and many of us have played the game. I just singled you out because you comment so much. I read all the articles and try to get through the comments but sometimes there is no end….No harm intended!

    1. Why? Why Scioscia? Because he was a Dodger? Then hire Orel. They were on the same team. They didn’t hire Gibby. Why Scioscia? They could have hired Kapler. They hired Roberts for more than one reason. And he has followed directions, lead his team to playoffs, division championships and a 60 game WS. But….his time is over. At least with the Dodgers. They should have been in the WS right now. Roberts failed. It’s time for a change.

      1. Bayside, thank you for writing back as well. I love reading different viewpoints as it often times provides little nuggets here and there. There several very insightful posters here and you are among them. I appreciate your input. My biggest problem with the Fire Roberts crowd is…I have yet to really here a viable candidate who would be obviously better. We can conjecture about Scioscia and others all day long. Would be nice to kinda “test drive” someone but that’s obviously not possible. I just would hate to do a knee-jerk reaction to coming up short this year only to find out down the road that what we had before was better, if that makes any sense. Oh well. Nobody in power is making any decisions based on what we think anyway. So IIWII

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