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MLB: Player’s Association Optimistic About Games Being Played

It seems as though on a daily basis, my gut instinct flip flops on whether we’re going to see MLB games in 2020. With almost every new report, wither health-related or baseball-related, my opinion seems to change. The latest news from the player’s union has me back on the ‘yes’ side of things.

The Player’s Union chief Tony Clark spoke with USA Today about the COVID-19 outbreak and what that meant for the future of MLB. Clark was encouraged in his opinion that baseball will indeed be played in 2020.

I’m a glass-half-full guy anyways, but as I sit here on April 15, Jackie Robinson Day, I continue to remain optimistic that the possibility of playing still exists.

Of course, there are plenty of things that need to happen for MLB to get things going again. The plan that would keep fans out of games is certainly not ideal, but Clark understands that it may have to work.

It’s not ideal. Playing in an empty stadium would be a different animal, with different looks, different sounds, and a different feel. But everyone understands and appreciates the world we are in right now. The challenges are real, and if that requires not playing in front of fans, the adjustment is part of it. But knowing we can bring the game to the fans, having them watch the broadcasts, is valuable, too.

In regard to MLB’s reported plan with Arizona and Florida, Clark says the answer is to wait. No one has any answers at this point, so no decisions can be rushed to. There is plenty of time to get games in, and when health officials know more, baseball will know more. Until those answers start to surface, baseball will wait. 

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