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MLB Players Representative Posts Tweet With a Bleak Outlook for the Season

Just a few days after it was announced MLB had submitted their economic proposal to the MLBPA, we’ve started to hear from players. While many in the league are still confident that a deal will get done eventually, some aren’t so sure.

One of those players just happens to be a Player’s Union representative. The Nationals’ Max Scherzer took to social media on Wednesday night to post the MLBPA’s thoughts on the proposed cuts from MLB ownership. It was not encouraging in the least bit.

After discussing the latest developments with the rest of the payers there’s no reason to engage with MLB in any further compensation reductions. We have previously negotiated a pay cut in the version of prorated salaries, and there’s no justification to accept a 2nd pay cut based upon the current information the union has received. I’m glad to hear other players voicing the same viewpoint and believe MLB’s economic strategy would completely change if all documentation were to become public information. 

The latest update from Scherzer suggests that the two sides remain incredibly far apart in the negotiations, but don’t count them dead in the water quite yet. The idea from many exerts is that the owners have wiggle room to work with still, and neither side truly wants to see the season go to waste.

If MLB owners are able to get a little bit closer to the figure the player’s union is looking for, then maybe things will improve. Several players around the league, including the Dodgers’ Alex Wood, have expressed their desire to come to a deal quickly. 

Still, it’s not a very encouraging thing to see from an MLB player’s union representative. Andrew Miller, Daniel Murphy, and Elvis Andrus are all MLBPA reps

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  1. GREED from which side ?
    Answer Is both.
    Owners for sure don’t want to open their books especially to the players.
    That won’t be a treasure chest of information that would last decades.
    Many players are at a time in their career where this was the year that was going to set
    themselves up for the future unless they had a bad year (no player ever thinks they are in for a bad year and can somehow overcome) Sone players are already set for life (unless they blow it on wine women and song as they say) The big losers are the fans of course.
    But if there isn’t a settlement soon then there will be other losers some owners but many players. For the players once they get their own self pride out of the way they will realize the year (lost) is a missed opportunity for their entire career some for sure will get another chance but a good portion will have lost this chance.

  2. Oh, nice. Millionaires fighting other millionaires over getting more money. Hard to have any sympathy for either side.

  3. Dang, I miss baseball and if look at posts especially your favorite team, so many are geared up to see some ball this season, and I think of baseball 24/7 365 this is such a shame. When it comes to labor negotiations, the “fans” are the losers and this pandemic has hurt everyone. Those players maybe in the last possible year they can play will be hurt the most. I would love to see some games, but at what cost? The owners provide a team and players, theri salaries are enormous, 30mm for 1 year, most people will never see that in a lifetime or 10 lifetimes. “For the love of the game” be reasonable anything made this season is a bonus.

  4. So you say Alex Wood wants a quick settlement. Last time I heard he wants full pay and thinks he’s entitled to it. That’s before the no fan in the stands arrangement. I’m sure he wants a quick settlement at his terms. Let him sit and get no pay.

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