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MLB: Player’s Union Submits a New Proposal of 89 Games

Another day, and another proposal between MLB and the player’s union. After the league turned down the MLBPA’s offer of 114-games, the two sides have gone back and forth trying to settle on a designated number of games and a set prorated pay rate.

It was reported yesterday that the league was planning on making a new offer to the player’s union in the ballpark of 76 games at a rate of 75 percent of their prorated salary. Today, Jeff Passan of ESPN is reporting that the MLB player’s union fired back with an 89 game offer at 100 percent of their prorated salaries. The two sides are obviously still very far apart. 

The fact that MLB wanted to pay a lesser rate for fewer games in the offer on Monday should indicate that this offer will be turned down quickly. That being said, the July 4th start date can absolutely be thrown out at this point. 

The new proposal is 25 games fewer than the initial offer made by the player’s union. It would also allow for an extended playoff and would start the season on July 10th. The plan would also account for an expanded MLB playoff in 2021.

All of that being said, it still appears that the two sides are not close to any sort of deal at this point. MLB has talked about playing as few as 50 games at a full prorated salary, and that will likely be close to where they end up. It does not seem like the league is willing to offer more games if players are receiving the full prorated salary. 

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  1. English is not my usual language and I had to use google translation to write this. Sorry.

    How many university years does it take to play baseball? Zero. You players are selfish. If the 2020 season is not happening, then I wish you a lockout for 2022. With a year of salary over 3 years, that’s all you deserve. You don’t respect the real fans who pay your salary. The fans need you and you and you will drop them. You may frustrate them for a long time.

    At first it is normal to be paid in proportion to the number of games played. But it’s with fans in the stands. If there is none, then you must be part of the solution and take a loss. The fans were with you in the 1900s in your fight against the owners who exploded you.But in your struggle these days it is the owners who will have the support of the fans if you continue to act so.

  2. 50 games?? It takes at least a month to really get started. April is always a slow month. And… How can one win Beat the Streak with only 50 games!! 😉

  3. This is so sad. I truly believe that most players want to play baseball. The union is standing in the way. America stood by and watched the UAW pretty much single handedly destroy the automotive industry. My hope is that baseball doesn’t go the same way. I have always loved this game and it seems to me that when some pitchers get in excess of $150,000 per INNING pitched, they can afford to make a bit less to satisfy their fans and help the game.

    Think of the game and the fans for a change and let’s play ball.

  4. First MLB, then MLBPA, and now its my turn to propose an offer….Lots of regular season games so all the players can make more money. Regular season to 114 games, ends October 15th. No playoffs, only the best team in each league goes straight to the World Series. Just like the old days….

  5. Tier reductions should be used to create a shortened balance schedule this season. for starters, do away with interleague play, and dispense with the odd-numbered 19-game series against divisional rivals and the 11-game series against other league rivals by reducing both of those series to 12 games and 6 games, respectively. If any interleague games are put in the schedule, allow those games to be played for charity only and to fill a void in schedules to keep teams sharp between other games between league rivals. Play the All-star Game over the Labor Day weekend, and cut the single round wildcard playoff game, unless there is a tie.48 divisional games and 60 intraleague games will equal out to a 2/3 season, and pay all the players as such for regular season play. Owners should also forfeit a third of their revenues and donate that money to local charities. That will bring fairness full circle.Hopefully, by Labor Day, we can enjoy having fans in the stands again for the closing climatic moments of the season, and for postseason play, unless politics of COVID-19 gets in the way. If players and owners cannot reach a way to resolve the matter, I’ll see you all next season and consider this season awash in a loss to politics.

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